Kroll helps businesses and their stakeholders work through challenges with the ultimate intention of avoiding business failure and help restore financial health.

In some instances, this is not always possible and corporate insolvency processes may be required to develop plans to protect the interests of directors as well as that of lenders and creditors.

We work with directors, lenders and creditors to quickly assess and identify options to preserve and maximize value while ensuring that ongoing duties and objectives are maintained. This is often in challenging and complex circumstances and we seek to provide constructive and viable solutions working closely with management teams and stakeholders to deliver desired outcomes.

Insolvency processes can be used as a tool to restructure a business and its liabilities to provide a stronger financial footing.

We have considerable experience in corporate insolvency processes, which include:

Administrations – A process that can help a company restructure with the primary objective of rescuing the company so that it can continue as a going concern. This can be via a sale process, re-financing or a Company Voluntary Arrangement.

Company Voluntary Arrangements – A contract between a company and its creditors to either compromise debts or reschedule debts payable over an extended period. This allows the company to continue trading while underlying business challenges are addressed.

Insolvent Liquidations – Scenarios where the chance of rescuing an insolvent business are very limited and the closure of operations is deemed to be in the best interests of creditors while protecting the interests of its directors.

Receiverships – Acting on behalf of a lender who has a charge over assets of a company in order to realise the assets for their benefit.

Why Kroll?

We have extensive experience in working with businesses, lenders and other stakeholders in delivering value from insolvency processes and ensuring that objectives are met.

Our approach consists of ensuring that all options are considered and developed and discussed with all parties before implementing an agreed strategy.

We provide straightforward advice and provide practical solutions and aim to make take the complexity out of challenging situations.

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