Corporate Simplification

Kroll works with businesses to access value, mitigate risk and facilitate growth and transformation through the simplification of their business.

The composition of your group structure may have a detrimental impact on overall business performance. Too many entities can result in avoidable costs, processes and compliance burdens, duplication of activities and expose your business and directors to risk.

Ultimately, you could end up spending excessive time or money just to maintain the status quo.

Simplifying your corporate structure will help free these resources, reduce corporate and director risk, promote strong governance and provide a solid platform for growth and transformation.

Our collaborative approach will help you implement a program of positive change tailored to your business that quickly adds value and focuses on eliminating entities.

Our global reach and subject matter expertise means we have extensive experience with businesses of all shapes and sizes, from owner managed enterprises to listed Plc’s across all industry sectors, allowing Kroll specialists from across our organization to deliver a solution for you.

How We Can Help

With the right attention, simplifying your legal entity structure can be less complex than anticipated. We work with you to help you see the “wood for the trees,” devise a plan for simplification and prevent expensive errors through careful diligence. 

  • Simplifying Your Group Structure (Including Appropriate Program Support) – preparing for and eliminating entities that are non-core or no longer serve an economic purpose and acting as project manager in multi-jurisdictional scenarios
  • Maximizing Capital Returns – once a company or a group of companies have served their purpose, we ensure asset realization’s are maximized and capital is returned to shareholders tax efficiently
  • Closure Management – we help plan and implement the operational wind-down and closure of non-core businesses
  • Options Analysis – we will advise you on your options for eliminating both active and dormant companies and can act as liquidators where circumstances dictate

We can help you deliver meaningful change including the following key benefits:

  • Cost Savings – in terms of both time and money
  • Reduced Compliance Burden – less corporate governance and compliance duties
  • Increased Transparency – fewer subsidiaries, a clear rationale for those that remain and a structure easily explained to stakeholders to enhance their perception of your business
  • Risk Mitigation – reduced operational and reputational (both for the group and its directors) exposure to risk
  • Operational Efficiencies – simplified intra group matrix, removal of dividend blocks, capital efficiencies and ease of doing business; an agile entity structure aligned to your operating model
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