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Kroll’s Business Advisory team aims to help directors, owners and stakeholders maximize value by providing hands-on practical turnaround guidance and support. Our team is experienced in responding swiftly on a client’s behalf to improve the chances of achieving a successful business turnaround. Our approach is always collaborative – we work with our clients to understand their business, and tailor our advice and process accordingly.

How Kroll Can Help

Forecast Modelling

We work closely with management teams to prepare long-term financial forecast models ideal for business planning, strategic decision-making and investment appraisals.

Short Term Cash Flow Modelling

We work alongside management teams to prepare bespoke short-term cash flow forecast models (daily and weekly) which can provide visibility over liquidity and support short term strategic and operational decision-making.

Debt Solutions

Kroll offers a range of debt advisory solutions for businesses which include sourcing new funding partners, advising on debt structures and negotiating on behalf of businesses for renewal of existing or agreement on additional facilities with their funding partners.

Equity Investment

Kroll has close connections with leading investors operating across a variety of sectors with a broad range of investment criteria, and we have significant experience in managing a capital raising processes on behalf of businesses. We can connect UK-based small and medium-sized enterprises with a hand-picked panel of specialist equity providers via our Equity Match service.

Working Capital Analysis

We work with businesses to improve working capital performance by reviewing trading projections and critically assessing their vulnerability to change. We can assist in driving working capital improvements through negotiation with key stakeholders (including suppliers and customers) and optimization of internal processes.

Stakeholder Management

Kroll has a range of experience who can be engaged to interact and negotiate with the key stakeholders of your business – lenders, shareholders, suppliers and customers. Kroll can even provide Interim Executive Solutions to match businesses with interim executives to achieve strategic change and business transformation.

Tax Arrears Solutions

Kroll has assembled one of the UK’s leading teams dedicated to helping businesses with VAT, PAYE and / or Corporation Tax difficulties secure achievable repayment plans. We have a proven methodology and a strong track record of obtaining Time To Pay (TTP) arrangements with HMRC. Click here to find out more about our Tax Arrears Solutions.

Strategic Options Analysis

We work with businesses to undertake a detailed analysis of their financial position and forecast performance, with a view to providing a comprehensive evaluation of the strategic options available to them and assessing the merits and drawbacks for each option.

Stay Ahead with Kroll

Insolvency Advice

Supporting businesses and individuals in difficult situations and distressed scenarios.

Business Improvement

Assisting clients identify new paths to growth.

Property Advice

Assisting clients address and resolve complex restructuring situations involving property.

Cash Flow Management

Kroll can help you identify cash pressure and maximize the options available to your business. Read more.

Lender and Creditor Management

Kroll can help you and your business manage the relationship between your creditors and lenders.

Customer and Supplier Disputes Management

Kroll helps companies resolve disputes with their customers and suppliers.