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Kroll’s data breach notification, call centers and monitoring team brings unique expertise to global incident response to help clients efficiently manage regulatory and reputational needs.
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With more than 20 years of breach notification experience, working with some of the most complex notification regulatory regimes in the world, Kroll can ensure a company’s response is managed to both to comply with any legal obligations and protect their reputation. Kroll has provided notification and call center services to hundreds of millions of people in the U.K., Europe, and around the world, handling the most pressing emergencies with unrivaled speed and efficacy.

Global Breach Notification Services and Retainer Options

In today’s global economy, where data will frequently cross many jurisdictions – often simultaneously – businesses may need to comply with a patchwork of stringent notification regulations. Kroll’s data breach notification solutions – which include drafting compliant letters, full-service mailing help, alternate notifications for large breaches, including call centers staffed by multilingual personnel – can remove much of the burden to allow a return to normal operations.

Kroll tracks closely the evolution and development of data privacy regulations around the world, developing capabilities to fulfill the needs of customers across a variety of jurisdictions:

Data Privacy Regulation Jurisdictions

Kroll has extensive relationships with more than 50 leading cyber insurance carriers. The quality and breadth of our services have been recognized by top publications and independent review organizations, including Gartner, Forrester Wave and National Law Journal Best of Surveys. For added flexibility, Kroll offers client-friendly notification retainers that include an array of proactive services to ensure clients get tangible value.

We understand how different industries, especially highly regulated ones, have distinct notification obligations and varying risk levels. Our breach notification specialists have assisted clients in countless industries in wide range of jurisdictions. They work closely with clients’ in-house counsel to draft data breach notices and ensure messages are timely, cost-effective and appropriate to the sensitivity of the data and audience involved.

If sending notification letters isn’t preferred or possible, Kroll provides assistance with alternative notification methods. Our specialists will coordinate with legal counsel, PR agencies/communications staff, or others on a client’s response team to set up email or public notifications, whichever is appropriate under the circumstances. Kroll can also draft separate FAQ documents in multiple languages and/or build a dedicated microsite to help deliver notice to the public and, where applicable, assist in monitoring services enrollment. 

Case Study – Global Agile Notification Response for Unprecedented Data Exposure

A U.S. Fortune 500 company learned of a data exposure in a subsidiary that affected hundreds of millions of people across 56 countries and regions. Kroll quickly assembled a cross-functional team that was onsite with the client within 14 hours of the initial call. Our experts quickly launched a comprehensive response within a condensed 10-day timeline, including:

  • Follow-the-sun operational strategy for continuous support across multiple time zones; agility to continually refine the response; and coordination of planning and response activities with client’s teams and stakeholders.
  • Coordination of planning and response among client’s teams and stakeholders.
  • Global communications strategy that included 55 toll-free numbers, across 56 countries and regions, answered by over 1,000 trained call center representatives in North America and 320 international agents, providing live, local assistance in 14 languages. Also, created 21 separate FAQ pages in 14 languages.
  • Regular status and reporting updates shared with client’s internal and external teams to track progress and support agile decision-making.
  • Complete details of how Kroll successfully managed this complex, multijurisdictional incident available upon request.
Kroll Breach Notification and Identity Monitoring
Kroll Breach Notification and Identity Monitoring

Below are a select few of the notification and identity monitoring services from our team:

  • Data Breach Notification
    Kroll has decades of experience helping clients notify customers affected by data breaches of all sizes—from a small number of localized individuals to exposures involving millions of data subjects across multiple jurisdictions, time zones and languages. We also have unmatched expertise in rapid data cleansing, de-duplicating names, standardizing addresses, sorting special populations and return mail management, to help reduce renotification, keep down costs and demonstrate “best efforts” to better meet regulatory mandates and support legal defense.
  • Call Center Services
    In most cases, Kroll can set up a fully functional call center within four hours of our engagement. Our professional, multilingual customer support team will provide frontline care for affected individuals. Each member of the staff is trained to handle difficult questions and stand ready to serve the breached population. There’s no need for a company to scramble to assemble and train their own call center staff or divert internal resources to handling individual inquiries and concerns.
  • Identity Theft Restoration and Consultation
    Kroll offers consultation services and identity theft restoration for those affected by a breach. Kroll’s experts help impacted individuals confirm suspected ID theft and educate them on best practices to secure personal data. Cases of theft or fraud are handled by our experienced team of investigators who work cases through full restoration.
  • Credit and Identity Monitoring
    Kroll also offers credit and identity monitoring services to notify customers when suspicious activity is reported, including credit inquiries, new trade-lines, derogatory notices, public records and changes of address, or if personal information is found on the dark web or other sites commonly associated with suspicious activity that may indicate identity theft.

We have many more solutions available to help clients deal with the complicated and onerous tasks of providing proper notice in the event of a data breach.  Please click on the links on this page to know more. You can also speak to a Kroll expert today on our 24x7 cyber incident hotlines or fill in the inquiry form on our contact page and we will respond to you.

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Notification, Call Centers and Monitoring

Kroll’s data breach notification, call centers and monitoring team brings unique expertise to global incident response to help clients efficiently manage regulatory and reputational needs.