Data Recovery and Forensic Analysis

Kroll's forensics experts can determine whether, and to what extent, data has been compromised. By uncovering actionable information, we leave clients better prepared to manage a future incident.
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Data Recovery: Extending Your Window of Opportunity

In the event of a data breach, companies have only a short window of time to gather critical evidence. Internal IT resources are often forced to act as a first line of defense – but first responders who are untrained in data recovery and forensic analysis sometimes do more harm than good, damaging or losing critical data or inadvertently mishandling important evidence. 

Kroll’s experts have unparalleled experience using cutting edge forensic software and protocols to properly collect and preserve data in the wake of a breach. We handle evidence using proven, forensically sound methods with data recovery tools and processes that are supported by case law. 

We apply sound forensic science to all of our clients’ technology – from servers to laptops to mobile devices. We also examine physical systems and interview personnel to answer questions and determine the existence and impact of a data breach.

Forensic Analysis With an Eye on the Future

Our team members are Certified Information Privacy Professionals (CIPP) and have experience using in the most sophisticated data recovery tools available. We utilize best forensic practices, including appropriate chain of custody and documentation. Our digital tools are accurate, reliable, and work in accordance with established case law. Kroll’s experts also have the experience to accurately interpret findings, letting data points tell a clear story and providing a timeline that can be presented in court. 

Kroll is always thinking beyond the immediate crisis towards an enhanced security posture for our clients going forward. We respond to data security incidents in a way that leaves companies in the strongest possible position, protected and better prepared to manage future incidents. 

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