Reputational Risk

Kroll is a leader in helping companies identify and mitigate the risks that can be fostered by inappropriate behavior and hidden weaknesses in the organizational culture.


Our teams of investigators, social media analysts, cyber experts, and former prosecutors and law enforcement officials get to the bottom of allegations; screen potential senior executive hires or acquisition targets for behavior patterns that can lead to misconduct; and offer an objective view of how an organization appears to potential lenders, investors, customers, and others.

Supply Chain Investigations

Creating a detailed portrait of a supplier’s financial stability, operations, compliance and culture.

Investigative Due Diligence

Customized investigations providing actionable intelligence to help make critical decisions.

Political Risk Analysis

Helping companies analyze and mitigate political risk in the countries where they operate.

Workplace Misconduct Investigations

Helping clients determine what happened, how it occurred and who was responsible.

Sexual Misconduct Investigations

Our experts have extensive experience investigating allegations of sexual misconduct.