Workplace Misconduct Investigations

Helping clients determine what happened, how it occurred and who was responsible.

From fraud, bribery and corruption to leaks of information and sexual misconduct, allegations of workplace misconduct can have a severe impact on all parties involved, often resulting in exposure to legal, regulatory and reputational risk. When allegations of misconduct arise, organizations need a swift, thorough and fair response.

Kroll’s team of experts has extensive experience investigating workplace misconduct. We are especially mindful of the unique sensitivities and concerns when conducting these kinds of investigations and can provide expert fact-finding to help clients determine what happened, how it occurred and who was responsible. 

In addition to providing independent investigations and retrospective reviews, Kroll offers guidance on proactive and remedial measures that include assistance with policies and procedures, as well as staff training and audits.

Our investigations combine advanced technologies with a global network of experts including former prosecutors, law enforcement and regulatory officials, forensic accountants, investigative journalists, compliance professionals and cybersecurity professionals. This blend of expertise, experience and technology allows us to examine workplace misconduct comprehensively and efficiently, whether it involves a data breach, surreptitious financial transactions or electronic communication trails. Our interviewing skills and ability to make discreet enquiries allows us to dig beneath the surface and provide clients with clarity and reliable facts. 

Our specialized services include:

Financial Investigations

Global, efficient investigations into allegations of fraud, bribery, corruption and money laundering.

Corporate Culture Checks

Helping clients uncover potential issues at target companies before they escalate.