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Customized, in-depth analysis preparing clients for a successful market entry or exit.

Organizations looking to make a strategic move in a foreign country—to enter the market, expand or contract their presence, or to exit the market entirely—must consider a wide range of variables in their planning and decision-making. Some variables, such as the market position of primary competitors and the applicable regulatory regimes, may be known. Others, however, may be less clear but just as important: How will the country’s currency controls affect the ability of the company to repatriate funds? How level is the legal playing field? If you divest of a business unit by selling it to a particular entity, how will that affect the company’s reputation and ability to conduct future business?

Kroll’s market entry intelligence provides clients with a customized, in-depth analysis that looks beneath the surface at how business in a country is really carried out and what factors lead to success in that particular sector. Our local teams of investigators, market specialists and political analysts around the world decode these landscapes through a combination of technical expertise and extensive personal networks that reach into the local country’s government, commerce and culture. In addition, Kroll’s extensive experience working with organizations around the world on fraud, corruption, IP theft and similar threats allows us to give authoritative and industry-specific assessments of these important risks.

Our report provides a comprehensive overview of the factors at work while flagging areas that might warrant more detailed investigation. While each report is customized to the client’s specific needs, the topics we typically address include:

  • The competitive landscape, including both established and emerging players
  • The regulatory landscape, including legislative and policy forces that may lead to regulatory change
  • The investment landscape, including availability and sources of capital
  • Key consultants and business partners, including local lawyers, accountants, bankers and vendors who regularly work with leaders in your industry
  • The business ethics and enforcement environment, including risks of corruption, fraud, money laundering, extortion, IP theft and market manipulation, as well as an assessment of the country’s legal and enforcement capabilities
  • Factors for success, derived from a close analysis of comparable enterprises. 


Case Study – Entering an African Market Via a Joint Venture

A global consumer goods firm was considering entering an African market through a joint venture (JV) with a local partner.

Our inquiries indicated that the partner firm’s management was possibly being politically influenced in their commercial decision-making, including supplier selection. Our work allowed the client to prepare for negotiations and to include provisions relating to the JV partner’s management.

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