Threat Management, Workplace Violence and Active Assailant Advisory

Kroll specializes in the precise and carefully measured application of threat management principles to thwart your organization’s most compelling threat actors while continuously maintaining control of its safety, principles and reputation.
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Threat management is a comprehensive process by which threats are received, investigated, assessed and researched and all mitigation and intervention options are carefully considered.

Whether you’re faced with a known individual or an anonymous threat actor, our experts can help. Our multidisciplinary threat management team comprises former federal, state and local law enforcement officials; federal prosecutors; attorneys; forensic psychologists; behavioral experts; substance abuse experts; and threat management experts that can help your organization navigate any threatening situation and give you peace of mind.

Kroll’s underlying threat management strategy focuses on threat actors as individuals—all with goals, ambitions, aspirations, fears, anxieties, stressors, families and friends. We seek fully informed and creative strategies that have demonstrated greater success they are based on human psychology, emotion and behavioral tendencies.

Threat Management Program Gap Assessment

For organizations who already have established workplace violence and threat management programs, Kroll’s enterprise security risk management team provides a health assessment or gap analysis to ensure these programs are operating with maximum efficacy, meeting the necessary objectives and being delivered in accordance with best practices and within the highest of standards.

Kroll has helped some of the most reputable organizations and threat management teams identify areas for growth, improve efficiencies and hone their craft—all in the interest of better protecting their organizations and people from targeted violence.

Active Threat Management

When your people or property are threatened with targeted violence (or intimated violence), Kroll’s expert threat management specialists will help you through the entire lifecycle of managing the threat. Our multidisciplinary team of global threat management experts can assist with any threatening situation affecting your organization or personnel.

We help you identify where you are on the threat continuum, help assess the likelihood of a threat actor perpetrating violence, and directly intervene to mitigate threats to you, your family, corporation or reputation. Our team also offers temporary, high-end project-based security personnel to supplement and augment your workforce. Kroll’s personnel are never in uniform and assimilate into your team for the low-impact, high-quality delivery of security and protection services.

All of Kroll’s efforts are rooted in best practice, guided by mental health professionals where needed, and carefully measured with other investigative and protective efforts to ensure your safety and security while directly addressing threat actors.

Workplace Violence and Active Assailant Preparedness

Approximately two million people fall victim to workplace violence each year. Workplace violence is an increasing concern for employers amid duty of care considerations. Kroll specializes in providing workplace violence awareness training to best prepare your organization for identifying, addressing and safeguarding against workplace violence.

Kroll’s trainings are tailored specifically to your workplace, workforce and unique operating culture to offer the most impactful curriculum possible. We provide in-person, virtual and pre-recorded training, customized to the needs of your organization.

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Threat Management Team Training

Kroll works tirelessly to prepare our clients for the eventual threat actor by providing skills, training and support. When red flag indicators of potential violence are present and identifiable, we position our clients to act swiftly, smartly and decisively.

Our threat management team offers comprehensive training in the following areas to best position your organization to deal with threats as they present and/or manifest:

  • Defining a threat to your organization
  • Early identification of red flag indicators of potential violence
  • Identifying threatening behavior, communications and targeting
  • Threat investigation and assessment techniques and best practices
  • Threat actor presentation, escalation and targeting
  • Mental health and substance abuse implications on managing threats
  • Deep dive into a threat actor’s potential pathway towards violence
  • Potential for friction, escalation or intensification of threatening behavior
  • Potential intervention and mitigation strategies
  • Holistic threat management team training
  • Enterprise-wide threat identification training

Insider Risk Advisory/Insider Threat Response

An organization’s workforce is oftentimes its most valuable asset and its greatest risk and vulnerability. An employee (or former employee), vendor, client, customer or partner can cause serious damage to your organization, its reputation, shareholder confidence, intellectual property or standing, in strikingly little time.

Protecting an organization from the catastrophic damage caused by an insider risk requires a comprehensive and overlapping series of physical, technical, operational, cyber, cultural and administrative systems, all working in concert with one another. Kroll’s experts have built and maintained some of the most sophisticated insider risk programs in government and private corporations around the globe and are prepared to leverage their skills, experience and knowledge to safeguard your organization and its people.

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Enterprise Security Risk Management

Kroll’s Enterprise Security Risk Management practice provides expert guidance and advisory services to our global clientele as they navigate the most challenging and emerging security and threat-related issues.

Security and Risk Management Consulting

Kroll’s team excels at proactive security consulting and expert advisory solutions, aligning our comprehensive offerings with your enterprise’s risk appetite. We offer personnel, expertise, advisory and bandwidth when our clients are challenged in ways that stress their comfort or internal capabilities.

Business Continuity, Resilience and Disaster Preparedness

In today’s fast-paced world, disruptions can happen anytime. Kroll’s full suite of business continuity, resiliency and disaster preparedness capabilities is designed to prepare your enterprise for unexpected risks and maintain competitiveness throughout the full lifecycle of any disruption.

Operational Security

Kroll’s sophisticated global network of experts can assist with your operational security needs, whether they are proactive to avoid enterprise risks, reactive augmentation to your current capabilities or capacity-building due to threats.

Sector and Industry Specific Services

Kroll experts provide security services tailored to the needs and specific contexts of diverse industries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Kroll’s methodology regarding threat management and workplace violence is simple. We take an all-hazards approach to threat management, threat monitoring and protecting clients from all sources of threats. This includes internal threats (e.g., workplace violence, disgruntled former employee, estranged colleague, etc.), external threats (e.g., domestic violence, targeted criminal activity, stalking) and cyber threats (e.g., denial of service, industrial espionage, network penetrations).