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Law enforcement agencies are under increasing pressure and scrutiny. Faced with more challenges and responsibilities than ever, they must grapple with changes in technology, contend with new security threats, and in many cases, rethink their policing strategies and techniques to properly balance the needs of the community and the safety of their personnel.

Kroll’s Law Enforcement and Public Safety practice understands those pressures and challenges. We have a team of leading experts who have spent decades in the criminal justice system, including former state and federal prosecutors and leaders from the highest ranks of major urban police departments, as well as specialists in areas like cybercrime and terrorism. Together, they offer invaluable wisdom from their own experiences as well as technical expertise in critical areas, including training, investigations and evaluations. Through our 360-degree approach to law enforcement, Kroll supports agencies in every aspect of their mission.

Performance Audits

A comprehensive evaluation of your law enforcement agency’s operations and management can help identify ways to improve staff performance, clarify missions and reporting structures, effectively budget and strengthen relations with the community you serve. Kroll can also help find efficiencies and identify proper staffing levels.

We can also help prevent crises. Evidence room issues, use of force, internal affairs complaints and managing confidential informants are all areas that can lead a police agency into a scandal or crisis. An effective review by a credible outside party can give confidence to the public and prevent a crisis from happening.

Enforcement agencies of many sizes and in every major region of the U.S. have retained Kroll to review their operations, management, cyber security and resiliency, staffing structures, and policies and procedures. Police chiefs and sheriffs, as well as the leaders of university and hospital police forces, also rely on Kroll to help improve their departments’ performance, efficiency and expertise. They also look to Kroll for benchmarks to compare their agency’s performance against their peers and to develop best practices.

Additionally, Kroll has the capacity and knowledge to provide Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) advisory services to clients who are inheriting or creating executive leadership roles in the information security sector of their organization.


An effective training program can improve your organization’s performance and safety, develop and sharpen your leadership skills, boost staff morale, and improve relations between law enforcement and their communities. Whether you are looking to learn the latest police tactics, advance administrative and personnel management skills, improve cyber security and resiliency, or master leadership strategies to improve your agency’s internal culture and community engagement, Kroll offers training to help you achieve your goals.

Kroll has decades of experience training law enforcement groups and organizations of all sizes, as well as individuals at various professional levels and career stages. Our training services cover a range of basic and advanced skills geared toward new and experienced police chiefs, agency supervisors and front-line officers.


Over the past decade, government officials from the offices of large city mayors, the U.S. Department of Justice and state attorneys general have chosen Kroll to serve as a monitor in high-profile and sensitive cases involving law enforcement agencies.

We combine sophisticated investigative techniques, in-depth interviews, data analysis, forensic accounting and state-of-the art technology to ensure compliance of the highest ethical standards in both the private and public sectors.

We have extensive experience establishing plans for improving upon identified deficiencies and advising law enforcement leadership on strategies for reform; enhancing cyber security and resiliency; developing metrics for and measuring against proposed compliance improvement; and preparing detailed compliance reports for courts, regulators and government agencies.

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Forensic Investigations and Intelligence

Forensic Investigations and Intelligence

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