Enterprise Security Risk Management

Kroll’s Enterprise Security Risk Management practice provides expert guidance and advisory services to our global clientele as they navigate the most challenging and emerging security and threat-related issues.
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Helping organizations and individuals anticipate, respond and mitigate a myriad of enterprise-wide security challenges.

Kroll’s global Enterprise Security Risk Management team excels at proactive threat and risk mitigation, reacting to crises and offering personnel, expertise, advisory and bandwidth when our clients are challenged in ways that affect their internal capabilities and external function.

Our strategic security program management approach ties an organization’s security practices to its mission and goals using globally established and accepted risk management principles. We work with our clients to understand their overall missions, needs and priorities—and develop thorough and unique solutions to enhance their overall security postures.

As the senior advisors to our clients on all security and threat-related issues, we provide the critical insights executives need to make serious decisions that protect their enterprise. We leverage industry-leading expertise and cutting-edge technologies to protect all aspects of an organization, including people, assets and reputation.

Our Background

Federal State and Local Law Enforcement Officers
Corporate Security Executives
Members of the U.S. Foreign Service and Military Veterans
Professional engineers of various disciplines

Why Choose Our Services

  • Specialized Expertise: Our experts draw from decades of experience in the field and in-depth knowledge of your industry’s unique risks, requirements and regulations.
  • Customized Solutions: We collaborate closely with you to develop personalized security strategies that align with your values, mission, culture, preferences and confidentiality requirements.
  • Comprehensive Assessments: We conduct thorough security assessments, identifying vulnerabilities and recommending practical, cost-effective solutions.
  • Emergency Preparedness: Our services include developing and testing emergency response plans, ensuring your institution is well-prepared for a range of contingencies.
  • Technology Integration: We stay at the forefront of security technology trends and can assist in implementing state-of-the-art solutions.


  • Training and Education: We offer tailored training programs, empowering stakeholders with general security awareness and the skills needed to respond effectively in emergencies.
  • Community Engagement: We work with your staff, community and leadership to foster a culture of security awareness and vigilance.
  • Privacy Protection: We help safeguard your personal information, digital assets and sensitive data, ensuring your privacy remains uncompromised.
  • Risk Management: We provide guidance on risk management strategies, including insurance considerations and contingency planning.
  • Regulatory Compliance: We ensure that your organization or institution meets the rigorous security regulations and standards required by the sector or industry you operate in.

Case Examples

Stay Ahead with Kroll

Security and Risk Management Consulting

Kroll’s team excels at proactive security consulting and expert advisory solutions, aligning our comprehensive offerings with your enterprise’s risk appetite. We offer personnel, expertise, advisory and bandwidth when our clients are challenged in ways that stress their comfort or internal capabilities.

Threat Management, Workplace Violence and Active Assailant Advisory

Kroll specializes in the precise and carefully measured application of threat management principles to thwart your organization’s most compelling threat actors while continuously maintaining control of its safety, principles and reputation.

Business Continuity, Resilience and Disaster Preparedness

In today’s fast-paced world, disruptions can happen anytime. Kroll’s full suite of business continuity, resiliency and disaster preparedness capabilities is designed to prepare your enterprise for unexpected risks and maintain competitiveness throughout the full lifecycle of any disruption.

Operational Security

Kroll’s sophisticated global network of experts can assist with your operational security needs, whether they are proactive to avoid enterprise risks, reactive augmentation to your current capabilities or capacity-building due to threats.

Sector and Industry Specific Services

Kroll experts provide security services tailored to the needs and specific contexts of diverse industries.

Webinar Replay | Active Assailant Preparedness Webinar with Enterprise Security and Risk Management Experts

Webinar replay on proactively identifying, preparing for and responding to active assailant threats in the workplace, hosted by Kroll Enterprise Security Risk Management Managing Directors and Crisp, a Kroll business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

ESRM is a strategic program management methodology that uses globally established and accepted risk management principles to tie an organization’s security practice directly to its mission and goals. ESRM identifies at-risk assets across the entire enterprise, considering various aspects of the business, including people, processes, intellectual property, technology and reputation.

The ESRM approach recognizes that security is not an isolated, compartmentalized or tactical issue, but a unique type of risk that requires specialization to understand and manage. This critical consideration needs to be woven into the fabric of the entire organization to truly address those items that pose the most significant risks. By adopting ESRM, businesses can better understand their security risks, make informed decisions to protect their assets and respond effectively to potential incidents or breaches.