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Supply Chain Vendor Screening and Due Diligence Services

Companies increasingly struggle with third-party risk in the post-COVID-19 environment. The pandemic has exacerbated existing challenges such as ongoing trade disputes, supply chain reconfigurations, and growing regulatory focus on the integrity, security and sustainability of supply chains worldwide. These challenges further expose a firm to regulatory and reputational risk from its supply chain partners. 

Identifying, assessing, mitigating and monitoring third-party risk in modern supply chains is critical to preventing a costly disruption. Kroll provides clients with a tailored, end-to-end vendor screening and due diligence solution specifically designed to mitigate exposure to regulatory and reputational risks stemming from partners across the entire supply chain network.

Our Approach

Kroll’s end-to-end vendor screening and due diligence solutions are tailored to your specific supply chain concerns. We offer a cost-effective, high-quality and programmatic approach to assessing potential third-party regulatory and reputational risks, which includes:

  • Developing a unique risk-based approach to efficiently direct compliance resources

  • Providing a comprehensive and scalable set of third-party due diligence options

  • Leveraging technology to improve efficiency and speed of existing due diligence programs

  • Advising clients on vendor screening and third-party due diligence best practices

  • Addressing emerging compliance concerns, such as environmental, social and governance (ESG) and data privacy issues

  • Leveraging our global presence to support global supply chains

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Kroll’s End-to-End Vendor Screening and Due Diligence Solution

Supply Chain Vendor Screening and Due Diligence Services

Our Solution Set

At Kroll, we focus on minimizing your exposure to risk across your third-party lifecycle through a comprehensive, end-to-end solution that leverages technology and human-driven capabilities.

While our solution is tailorable to your unique needs, our screening and due diligence options can include:

  • Scalable suite of due diligence report scopes, from screening through investigations
  • Web-based platform to efficiently and consistently manage third-party risk programs
  • Customizable workflows to improve automation and minimize human error

  • Tailorable questionnaires with automated risk scoring
  • Continuous monitoring capabilities
  • Beneficial ownership research
  • ESG-focused due diligence
  • Third-party data privacy and security reviews
  • Third-party due diligence best practices consulting, to include questionnaire advising
  • Third-party risk tabletop exercises and scenario planning
  • Maritime due diligence/“know your vessel” research
Additional Supply Chain Risk Management Capabilities

Our firm also offers additional services to identify, assess, mitigate and monitor risk across your entire supply chain, which include:

 Additional Supply Chain Risk Management Capabilities

 Contract litigation and dispute support

 Counter-counterfeit operations

 Crisis management planning

 Illicit trade investigations

 Intellectual Property theft investigations and mitigation

 In-depth internal and third-party investigations

 Market entry and country risk assessments

 Operational security services

 Outsourced security director and crisis manager

 Security consulting services

 Sourcing assessments

 Supply chain cyber risk assessments

 Supply chain operations due diligence

 Supply chain optimization assessments

 Contract and information lifecycle management


Our Experience

Kroll has helped hundreds of clients deal with their unique third-party due diligence risks in the following industries:


 Consumer goods


 Financial services 

 Life sciences


 Professional services




For more information about Kroll’s supply chain vendor screening and due diligence offerings, please contact us today.

Screening and Due Diligence


Supply Chain Investigations

Creating a detailed portrait of a supplier’s financial stability, operations, compliance and culture.

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Litigation Support

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Supply Chain Risk Management Services

Supply Chain Risk Management Services

Helping clients build resiliency by proactively identifying, assessing, mitigating and monitoring their hidden supply chain risks.

Supply Chain Risk Management Services

Securing Intellectual Property

Customized protection system including processes, policies, procedures and crisis management plans.

Securing Intellectual Property

Operational Security Services

Resolve a myriad of issues such as workplace violence, corporate espionage, supply chain disruption, etc.

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Political Risk Analysis

Helping companies analyze and mitigate political risk in the countries where they operate.

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