Anti Corruption Investigations

In addition to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and UK Bribery Act, new anti-bribery and corruption regulations are being implemented in jurisdictions across the globe. As a result, corruption exposure continues to be a major risk for international businesses. Kroll’s unmatched investigative capabilities, worldwide presence and long-standing reputation for independence and integrity make us uniquely qualified for resolving regulatory concerns.

What sets Kroll apart is our broad range of services, global resources, the backgrounds and experience of our professionals, and our ability to assist clients by independently identifying the salient facts of a matter, enabling our clients to address and resolve sensitive, complex regulatory problems. Working with clients and their counsel in a multitude of industries and geographies, Kroll conducts anti-corruption investigations into alleged violations of laws, allegations of bribery and financial mismanagement including kickbacks, money laundering, internal control lapses and other financial improprieties.

Kroll's global anti-corruption team contain a unique mix of specialized investigative skills. We work in small multi-skilled teams to deliver customized investigations which produce evidence that meets the highest litigation standards. Around the world we provide our clients with detailed intelligence with which to make informed decisions about their most difficult challenges.

Our team includes intelligence gathering, law enforcement, accountancy, data analytics and cyber investigation expertise. We can draw evidence from all possible internal or external sources, whether electronic, paper or human. Reviewing very large volumes of data to find the facts that matter is what we do every day. These skills, best in class when standing alone, are uniquely Kroll when combined. We offer them to our clients collectively, or separately.

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