Market Entry

Entry into new and unfamiliar markets without reliable intelligence can stretch resources and expose a company to unexpected risks, which could derail a successful market entry or damage a company’s global reputation.

Kroll can help navigate both charted and uncharted territories as well as new market opportunities. By anticipating risks and providing guidance, especially in emerging or frontier markets where we have direct, boots-on-the-ground experience, we help clients build profitable business operations. Using our knowledge of business norms in Western and emerging markets and drawing on our preeminent source network, Kroll provides clients an unmatched understanding of the following nuanced intelligence that may impact the launch of a successful enterprise:

  • Information that is accessible in-country
  • Relative accuracy and reliability of this information
  • Delicate balance between politics and business
  • Importance of relationships and networks as they relate to owners, executive teams, proposed management changes and government officials
  • Anti-corruption regulations and enforcement
  • Competitive environment, market trends and any potential concerns around sovereign interests with respect to specific industry sectors

Our framework for conducting market entry strategy is based on our unique ability to access relevant information about individuals, corporate entities and industries as well as various jurisdictional considerations. Providing more than a desk-based research approach, we use human sources and knowledge gained from multiple prior projects to provide advice on both the commercial and reputational implications of entering new markets.

In some markets, the influence of criminal elements or unethical business or cultural practices can significantly hinder a company’s ambitions, causing long-term financial and reputational damage. With offices in more than 26 countries, Kroll’s local experts have the knowledge and insight to identify potential links between a planned investment and illegal elements. Once the risks are identified, we work with clients to develop operational procedures to manage them so they can move forward with plans.

Wherever market entry is considered, our aim is to provide actionable intelligence on the competitive landscape, the relative strength of industry competitors, the identity and strengths of potential partners, and an assessment of the political, societal, economic, regulatory and operational risks.

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