Business Intelligence

Kroll’s diverse industry experience, and our worldwide investigative reach, allow us to act as a crucial intelligence gathering resource for clients seeking to make informed decisions about crucial strategic initiatives, transactions and relationships.” Kroll conducts these inquiries in accordance with the highest legal and ethical standards. Some typical scenarios where we provide business intelligence consulting include:

Market Entry Support

Entry into new and unfamiliar markets stretches the resources and concentration of even the largest companies. Kroll helps clients build profitable businesses in new and challenging markets by:

  • Mapping the competitive landscape
  • Identifying and reviewing potential partners
  • Profiling regulators’ attitudes toward outside investment
  • Assessing political, operational and infrastructure risks


Industry and Competitor Insight

Whether competing in a mature market with established players or entering an emerging market with unknown local players, a company’s success often depends on understanding the strengths and vulnerabilities of the competition. Kroll uncovers strategic intelligence that offers our clients insight into their competitors by:

  • Benchmarking performance in operation structure and processes
  • Identifying major revenue and cost drivers
  • Evaluating key success factors


Proprietary Investment Research

Understanding the nuances of a potential investment situation is critical to hedge fund and other investment professionals. Kroll’s investigative research and intelligence, coupled with the client’s own research efforts, can often provide additional information to help the client fine-tune their investment thesis and stategy. Kroll’s research, conducted and reported in a strict regimen to avoid insider information, is often helpful in:

  • Understanding the current regulatory or litigation environment of a target company;
  • Assessing a company’s market or product strategy;
  • Determining the effectiveness/impact of new management teams and their strategies in the marketplace;
  • Gathering evidence of regarding poor business practices
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Other Areas We Can Help

Market Entry

Helping clients navigate new market opportunities by anticipating risks and providing guidance.

Market Entry


Cyber Risk

Proceed with Caution: Using Controls to Manage Risk in Digital Currency Transactions

Cyber Risk