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Heightened regulatory concerns and vigilance, together with increased investor scrutiny, have led to increased demand for independent expert advice.
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Duff & Phelps acquired Kroll in 2018 and unified under the Kroll brand in 2022.

Kroll’s Alternative Asset Advisory segment provides supportable, transparent valuations of illiquid, difficult-to-value investments and complex securities to issuers, investors and regulators.

Companies look to Kroll as both an advisor and sounding board to provide them with independent and objective advice that enables them to make the most informed decisions. Kroll’s Alternative Asset Advisory practice in India was awarded the title “Alternative Asset Advisory Firm of the Year in India” for 2020 and 2021 by Global Advisory Experts (GAE).

Kroll also provides merger and acquisition, financial, tax, information technology and human resource due diligence to private equity and strategic investors. Our professionals help clients navigate all aspects of the investment cycle by focusing on value drivers and deal-breakers that are critical to investment decisions.

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Kroll examined the relationship between historical returns of over 13,000 publicly traded companies across a variety of geographies and industries and their ESG ratings to determine the correlation of ESG ratings to company performance.

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Portfolio Valuation

Kroll specializes in assisting clients with the valuation of alternative investments, specifically securities and positions for which there are no "active market" quotations.

Financial Instruments and Technology

The Kroll Financial Instruments and Technology practice is a leading solutions provider for asset managers, hedge funds, fund administrators, banks, insurers, private equity firms, commodity trading and investment firms, and corporations.

Operational Due Diligence

Kroll’s Operational Due Diligence team conducts tailored reviews of hedge funds, private equity funds, venture capital funds, CTAs, manager service providers and managed account platforms, helping investors make informed decisions.

Secondary Market Advisory Services

As the largest independent valuation advisory firm, Kroll brings extensive industry experience to the secondary market for alternative investments to address the transfer needs of general partners and limited partners.

Regulatory Clarity

Regulatory Clarity is a next generation tool that provides Form ADV monitoring and flagging for fund allocators.