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Why Kroll?

Why Kroll? Because we know that no two digital lives are the same.

To make the digital world safer, we have to change the way individuals and businesses reduce their risk. We are committed to finding, developing and leveraging the best human and automated intelligence to predict, detect, notify and resolve threats.

You don’t need an unproven company with a new algorithm to scan the web for social security numbers or one that only focuses on a single aspect of a digital footprint, such as social media or account takeover.

You need a global, scalable solution that will adapt to each member with varied levels of information susceptibility; whether that’s with 15 social media accounts, or a lost wallet.  Kroll’s proprietary technology (66+ patents) and 25+ points of detection, protects everyone, wherever their information is.

With over 150 years of combined experience, Kroll’s multi-lingual investigators know a threat when they see one. To date, our team has safeguarded and advised more than 1 million individuals, and successfully restored more than 10,000 identities.


Kroll’s Partner Solutions

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Kroll Partner Solutions

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