Supply Chain Due Diligence

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Kroll provides due diligence into supply chain risks focused on unethical business practices.

Southeast Asia is one of the most exciting and lucrative areas for business and investment opportunities for U.S. and European investors. With the opening up of the long-isolated but anticipated profitable market of Myanmar, the region continues to offer attractive business and investment opportunities. However, many emerging markets in Southeast Asia, with limited resources to maintain adequate governance and compliance standards, are hubs for many aspects of unethical business activity. As part of a robust due diligence process, investors with interests in the region need to be aware of the risks associated with complicity in unethical business activities within their supply chains including human trafficking and forced labor.

Recent headlines highlight the need for investors active in emerging markets to undertake thorough due diligence of supply chains. Inaction could not only result in legal and financial repercussions for investors, but also negatively affect a brand’s value and reputation. Without a comprehensive understanding of the risks within a supply chain, even companies with robust compliance programs may find themselves unaware of critical compliance and ethical risks.

Kroll’s ability to undertake investigations, overt and discreet, into supply chains can reveal hidden compliance and reputational issues and help companies develop a comprehensive understanding of risks throughout supply chains to avoid information gaps.

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