Sat, Apr 13, 2013

Cyber Security and “Big Data”

Big Data is certainly a hot topic and a common buzz word in today’s privacy conversation. Often overlooked is the cyber security component. Global corporations with siloed business units own very valuable consumer data that’s been captured over the last several years. These organizations are just starting to act on aggregating and mapping this data for market purposes. As companies reach across business units and leverage their untapped assets, as this article addresses, many new opportunities will arise. With an increase in federal regulations and global efforts aimed at improving privacy controls, there will be a growing need for data privacy and security lawyers, IT Security professionals, Incident Response investigators and possibly even data breach notification providers. I recommend this quick read, written by Maria Sendra from Jones Day, “Untapped ‘Big Data’ could be wellspring of opportunity.” It provides a good overview of the buzz over Big Data and related cyber security issues.

By Alexander Gross, former Director of Business Development for Kroll's Cyber Investigations and Breach Response practice.

Cyber Risk

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