Vulnerability Scanning

We utilize vulnerability scanning software with the most up-to-date data security information that help our experts deliver actionable and prioritized recommendations to improve your IT security.

Knowledge is power

Is your company’s IT system vulnerable to attacks by malicious outsiders? Could internal enemies damage your data security? Kroll’s vulnerability scanning services can help you answer these important questions — mapping out a prioritized pathway to increased cyber security for your business.

Kroll’s team of licensed experts will run a suite of cutting-edge digital tools on your IT system, seeking out and identifying security flaws. We’re expert at performing both credentialed and un-credentialed scans, assessing your level of risk from both insider and outsider threats. Our Vulnerability Scanning team will test your:

  • network
  • servers
  • routers
  • mobile devices
  • websites
  • web applications

We have the vulnerability scanning expertise to select and calibrate the best tools for your unique industry and IT system. We utilize professional vulnerability scanning software with the most up-to-date data security information, capable of flagging out-of-date patches and other system vulnerabilities and typically revealing thousands of security flaws. We’ll work with your internal IT department to coordinate a vulnerability scanning schedule that won’t interrupt important systems or services.

From Vulnerability Scanning to Actionable Data

Once vulnerability scanning is complete, our team of experts will analyze the findings, delivering a set of actionable, prioritized recommendations to improve your IT security posture. Applying our expert perspective to thousands of pages of data, we highlight the critical security issues that must be addressed today — and provide you with a plan for continuous improvement over time.

With Kroll’s vulnerability scanning, your company takes a proactive step against the threat of cyber crime, building your defenses and decreasing your risk of data breach.



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