Webinar: What Does A World-Class Compliance Program For Endowments Look Like?

In 2015, charitable donations to colleges and universities reached an all-time high of $40.3 billion. As university endowments seek greater returns in a diverse international marketplace, the challenges from investing in funds in high-risk jurisdictions increase exponentially.

Join Kroll Associate Managing Director John Arvanitis and guest Michael A. Lukasek, CPA, Managing Director of the University of Pennsylvania’s Office of Investments, to discuss how to build a world-class compliance program for endowments. Participants in this webinar will gain insights into topics including:

  • Best practices for vetting and engaging with investments and fund managers in high-risk jurisdictions.
  • How to establish protocols in preparation for the compliance requirements of the changing regulatory environment.

Three reasons why you join us on July 15

  1. Regulatory regimes around the world are evolving and expanding. Higher education endowments must ensure compliance with not only all federal and state laws, but increasingly, foreign regulations as well.
  2. Recently, a number of legislative proposals have been advanced that seek to regulate endowment activity and revoke tax-exempt status, leading to heightened scrutiny of and public visibility into endowments and their activities.
  3. Expanding into high-return but high-risk jurisdictions can also intensify reputational risks to institutions.

About the Experts

John Arvanitis is an Associate Managing Director in Kroll’s Compliance practice. John’s expertise was honed from 27 years of service with the U.S. Justice Department, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), where he developed and led numerous initiatives focusing on disrupting and dismantling transnational organized crime syndicates, with an emphasis on their money laundering and other finance-related activities.

Michael A. Lukasek, CPA, is Managing Director of the University of Pennsylvania’s Office of Investments, where he is responsible for operational due diligence and oversight of investments as well as financial reporting.

Date: Friday July 15, 2016

Time: 11am EST

60 min