Webinar: Blockchain and The Future of Data Breaches

Can blockchain deliver on its promise?

The promise of blockchain’s distributed open ledger format is an “unhackable” network able to record and verify data transactions without typical third party validation. The potential is clear. Blockchain technology could constantly check and validate data communication flow with no single point of failure and offload authentication to a decentralized layer of security.

In this 30 minute briefing, Kroll’s Alan Brill will examine:

  • How can blockchain positively impact cyber security and data breach incidents?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of the technology?
  • What are the technical, business, and data privacy issues Kroll sees in blockchain as you advise your clients delving into the technology?

Presented by:

Alan Brill, Senior Managing Director, Cyber Security and Investigations 
Alan Brill is a Senior Managing Director with Kroll’s Cyber Security and Investigations practice, based in the Secaucus office. As the founder of Kroll’s global high-tech investigations practice, Alan has led engagements that range from large-scale reviews of information security and cyber incidents for multibillion-dollar corporations to criminal investigations of computer intrusions. He has worked on many of Kroll’s major international projects. Alan serves as both a consulting and testifying expert in major cases where his ability to explain complex technology concepts provides counsel with a valuable litigation resource.
30 Minutes
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