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August 3, 2017

Kroll Quarterly M&A Newsletter

Spotlight Asia is Kroll's quarterly M&A newsletter produced in association with Mergermarket.

Spotlight Asia examines M&A activity in Asia over the last year, providing in-depth insights into deal size, location of bidders and emerging sectors of interest, as well as the potential red flags investors should bear in mind when operating or investing in Asia’s complex markets.

ASEAN connections: Cross-border M&A

Rich with investment opportunities and positive demographics — a young and dynamic population with growing disposable income and upward mobility — the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) continues to attract international acquirers. In 2016, the region recorded 534 M&A transactions valued at US$57.9bn, and Q1 2017 sustained the momentum with 118 deals worth US$14.7bn. This was a year-on-year increase of 8% in value and 7% in volume over the same period in 2016. Via an in-depth interview, Richard Dailly, Managing Director at Kroll, shares insights on the ways to spot and mitigate risks before entering into cross-border M&A transactions in the ASEAN.

Investing in India’s Growth Story

India remains an attractive destination for foreign investors as its economic fundamentals and optimism about its prospects remain strong. From a macroeconomic perspective, India is one of the fastest growing major emerging markets, with recent projections from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) pointing to a fiscal growth of 7.4% versus a 6.6% expansion in China for 2016. Politically, it is more stable than in previous cycles, with the BJP led government initiating a number of reforms and regulatory measures that are instilling economic confidence and raising India’s attractiveness as a destination for FDI. The country’s demographics are equally promising: India is home to 18% of the world’s working-age population (ages 15-64), a growing middle class with increasing purchasing power and a corporate sector that is flexing its muscle domestically and globally.

This issue delves into the risks and rewards when investing in India. It includes an in-depth commentary by Reshmi Khurana, Kroll’s Managing Director and Head of South Asia, who will highlight the most urgent risks of cross-border deal-making, offering insights on conducting pre-transactional due diligence on investment targets and post investment monitoring.

Assessing the risks and rewards of Chinese investment in Australia

China has become Australia’s chief source of approved proposed investment, supplanting the United States for the first time as the country’s top foreign investor. Chinese investment in 2014 increased 75 percent, from US$11.5bn in 2013 to US$20.2bn.

This issue seeks to understand the shifting dynamics of Chinese investment into Australia, replete with both risks and rich rewards at every turn. It includes an in-depth interview with Violet Ho, Senior Managing Director, and Richard Dailly, Managing Director at Kroll, who discuss the most urgent risks of cross-border deal-making, offering insights on conducting pre-transactional due diligence on potential foreign investors.

Building Southeast Asia’s Future

Population growth and breakneck industrialization are placing heavy strains on infrastructure across Asia-Pacific, creating not only an abundant need, but also abundant opportunities for investment. To maintain economic growth and job creation, Southeast Asia in particular needs long-term investment in critical infrastructure.

The latest issue focuses on the intricacies and key issues investors need to be aware of before investing.

Tapping Malaysia’s Potential

Malaysia’s growth story over the past three decades can best be described in one word: transformative. From a producer of tin and rubber to a country with a dynamic multi sector economy, Malaysia has quickly become a focal point in Asia and the envy of the emerging world.

Myanmar: Investing Responsibly and Understanding the Hidden Risks

Whilst the environment in Myanmar appears positive and investor interest remains high, the latest issue of Spotlight Asia focuses on the intricacies and key issues investors need to be aware of when investing in Myanmar. The newsletter highlights that there remains a number of significant risks factors and potential contradictions that may cause problems in the future which investors should properly understand.


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