Monitor, Remediate and Recover Assets

Despite your best efforts, bad things happen. Networks and servers are breached or wiped out by natural disasters, trade secrets and assets are hidden away by rogue employees, or executives are tempted into taking bribes. In all these cases and more, count on us for innovative asset recovery and monitoring solutions.

Dispute Advisory Services

Disputes are complex, costly, and time-consuming. Knowing the facts early on is critical. Experience shows that a panicked reaction can damage your reputation, demoralize the workforce, and create mistrust. Our unique mix of computer forensics, forensic accounting and intellectual property experts have the local and technical knowledge to resolve issues as efficiently as possible. Learn more.

Forensic Accounting

When disputes involve contradictory or unclear financial valuations, our forensic accounting experts can bring independent clarity to any situation. We can analyze and review financial records to assess and quantify commercial damages; set business valuations; reconstruct accounting and financial transactions; conduct and report interviews; and evaluate an opposing expert’s report. Learn more.

Asset Searches

Locating assets hidden by a former partner, stolen by a corrupt official, or awarded in a legal judgment can be a herculean task. We successfully conduct numerous international asset searches every year, tenaciously going after offshore capital flight havens, creditor-unfriendly jurisdictions and alter-ego companies. Learn more.


Whether you are facing a consent decree, deferred prosecution agreement or other pressure to demonstrate ethical business practices, we offer specialized services to help you meet the challenges inherent in creating an environment based on integrity. Our experts have skills specifically matched to monitoring compliance, instilling ethics and promoting adherence to consent decrees. Learn more.

Information Security and Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

When organizations lose information, the cause can be traced to one — or more — of five risk factors: people, paper documents, information technology systems, other electronic devices, such as tablets or memory sticks, and surveillance devices (bugs). Our experts can guide you in selecting and implementing security controls that address all these risks. Learn more.

Crisis Management and Emergency Response

Out of nowhere, a crisis strikes. It could be a natural disaster, business interruption or violent political activity. Do your business leaders and employees know how to react to an active shooter situation, a medical emergency or a hazmat incident? We can help you prepare or respond to any emergency situation. Learn more.

Data Breach Notification

Customers. Investors. Employees. Business partners. A data breach can really shake their trust in you. That’s why our data breach notification and remediation solutions are designed to help you rebuild that trust and meet all regulatory standards. We’ve been helping clients successfully manage breach notification with a reassuring human touch for more than a decade. Learn more.

Data Breach Incident Response

Even with the most robust controls in place, a data breach incident may still occur. Whether your incident is the result of a malicious hacker or a negligent employee, our global network of certified security and forensic experts can be onsite within hours to help you contain the situation and determine next steps. Learn more.

Data Recovery & Forensic Data Analysis

When a data breach occurs, you only have a short window of time to gather critical evidence. Our experts will apply forensically sound data recovery tools and processes on all your technology—from servers to laptops and smartphones—and investigate your physical systems and personnel, getting real answers to whether data was compromised and to what extent. Learn more.

Malware & Advance Persistent Threat Detection

When malicious software strikes, knowing how it works and what it’s capable of is crucial to an effective incident response. Our information security experts and network forensic analysts are specially trained to quickly examine hostile malware code to define its functionality and identify its scope/ intent in order to counteract or inactivate it. Learn more.

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