Security Standards Development Peer Review

Produce a security system that meets your needs and is installed to industry standards and best practices, with insights produced from our consultants' review process.

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When you need to develop standards for security system deployment and installation, Kroll is the expert to call first. We’ll use our vast project experience, product knowledge and familiarity with industry standards and best practices to guide you through this fundamental but complex process.

Assess Your Security Needs and Develop Security Design Standards

Our objective review process can help you produce a system that meets your needs and is designed and installed to industry standards and best practices. We can help you determine system configurations, device applications and installation strategies to meet your needs. We then develop the standards to be used for current and future projects.

Review Your Security Standards

Because of Kroll’s reputation for setting the bar for professional security design standards, we are often contacted to provide peer reviews of security system designs and standards prepared by clients, other consultants and system integrators.

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