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Architecture, operations and electronic systems comprise our security planning philosophy—a core component when designing comprehensive security programs for companies globally.

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While many consultants view security strictly from the electronic system perspective, our security planning philosophy is grounded in our experience designing comprehensive security programs for clients across a multitude of industries. In our approach, we balance the three basic elements of security: architecture, operations and electronic systems.

Under this philosophy we use proven industry best practices to design a security program based on three recognized security principles: Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED), Concentric Circles of Protection and Integrated Design Philosophy.

Elements of Physical Security

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)

CPTED uses passive resources such as architectural barriers, landscaping and lighting, to decrease the need for traditional technical and operational security elements necessary to reduce vulnerability to crime.

Concentric Circles of Protection

The concept of Concentric Circles of Protection is based on varying levels of protection. Typically, these layers start at the site perimeter and move inward to building perimeters, interior spaces and specially controlled areas. As the levels of protection increase in number and/or rigor, the ability to penetrate to the most critical areas becomes increasingly difficult. Likewise, the potential for detecting the attempted penetration improves.

Integrated Design Philosophy

Integrated Design Philosophy establishes effective security through the integration of electronic systems with architectural elements, enhanced by operational procedures. By integrating all these elements, we create a synergy that meets the desired security needs.


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Timothy V. Horner
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