Security Policy Procedure Development

We can develop security policies tailored to the exact risks you face—all within the framework of laws and regulations of each country you operate in.

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Do you have policies and procedures that cover risks like workplace violence, bomb threats, active shooters or natural disasters? How about executive protection or travel to high-risk areas? How do you know if current procedures will be sufficient or effective?

Given the complexity of most organizations, developing effective security programs can be an overwhelming job. As a world leader in physical, cyber and corporate security, we can help you create security policies and procedures that work together to close the gaps that might otherwise expose your organization to greater risks.

An effective security program must cover many scenarios and clearly define the duties and expectations for everyone in your organization—from the security department to management and employees as well as third parties like local emergency responders and business continuity partners. Taking a multidisciplinary approach, we can review your current security policies to ensure they cover your current risks and vulnerabilities.

Security Policy Development Best Practices and Customized Applications

If you find your current policies are insufficient or ineffective, we can develop security policies and services tailored to the exact risks you face—all within the framework of laws and regulations of each country in which you operate. Depending on your needs, we can assist with either comprehensive security programs or individual components, such as access control, pre-employment background checks, workplace violence prevention or executive protection.

Case Study – Security Policy and Procedure Development of an Oil Refinery Project

Kroll was engaged jointly by a refining company and an investment bank to assess the security measures at an oil refinery project in North Africa.

Considerable political upheaval and changes in the security institutions has occurred over the past ten years, impacting the project site and the effectiveness of the security program. Both clients required Kroll to conduct an initial assessment including a review of an expected maximum loss (EML) report. Kroll undertook a security threat and vulnerability review of the project which included a visit to the site, meetings with key participants and a review of available documentation and designs for the construction. We provided our findings and recommendations in our report, which also provided comment upon various scenarios contained in the EML report.

As a result of our initial work, we were further retained to assist and support the refinery company with services including reviewing and advising on security design documents for measures the company is constructing and designing, alongside reviewing and developing security policy and procedures to enable the company to have effective security at the project site. Kroll enabled the refinery project team to meet the security requirements of the investors.


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Timothy V. Horner
Senior Managing Director and Global Head of Security Risk Management
Security Risk Management
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How we can help

Security Program Assessment

Ensure your organizational security function is appropriately staffed, resourced and situated.

Security Master Plans

An effective Security Master Plan enables an organization to identify, prioritize, budget for and implement risk mitigation measures that can be adapted as the threat environment and organizational risk profile evolves.

Threat Vulnerability Assessments

Mitigate countermeasures necessary to protect assets.

Security Risk Assessments

Our multidisciplinary approach looks at security from every angle to mitigate risks—from the physical environment to the human element to the role of technology.

Security Audits

We have the resources to uncover where weaknesses and security gaps exist throughout your organization. We help tackle issues that are driving noncompliance to establish an effective security program.

Security Training Services

Kroll has extensive experience providing security training calibrated to each client’s needs, whether they’re brief one-day introductory sessions, “refresher” programs or multi-day curriculums.

Securing Intellectual Property

We work closely with your staff to design a system of readily understood, integrated and adaptable activities that produce ongoing, consistent results.

Security Risk Management

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