Crisis Management Emergency Response Training

Are your processes scalable, repeatable and consistent to address all risks? Ensure that your organization has the holistic training in place to respond with confidence in the event of an incident.

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Rigorous testing and training go a long way towards ensuring the emergency preparedness of your organization. Our security consultants are highly experienced at leading organizations through crisis management and business continuity training exercises that will help you respond with confidence in the event of an incident.

We take an “all hazards” approach to ensure that your process and procedures are scalable, repeatable and consistent to address your identified risks. Holistic training approaches involving senior management, key facility personnel and all employees are also included in the execution of the crisis management and emergency response plan.

Training typically covers:

  • Crisis management structure and staffing an emergency response team
  • Incident reporting and notification
  • Operational processes
  • Guidance of facility response policies and procedures
  • Annual testing and evaluation of the crisis management plan

In addition to regular testing, we recommend yearly audits and reviews for emergency response and crisis management training programs. This will ensure the plan is current and most efficient.


Timothy V Horner
Timothy V. Horner
Senior Managing Director and Global Head of Security Risk Management
Security Risk Management
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Managing Director
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