Crisis Management Emergency Response Plans

Organize, draft and implement emergency preparedness and emergency action plans that reflect the crisis management policies of your organization.

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Emergency planning introduces methods for identifying and assessing hazards and vulnerabilities that require a crisis management and emergency response plan.

Our process develops a standard methodology for organizing, drafting and implementing emergency preparedness and emergency action plans and related procedures. These designate how response teams will respond and document actions related to specific incidents.

These comprehensive plans also address decision authorities, an emergency incident manager and designated back-up, specific protocols for dealing with scenarios most likely to occur crisis situations, coordination with security and business recovery elements and notification/communication mechanisms.

Crisis management plans addressing all hazards

Crisis management and emergency response plans should accurately reflect the crisis management policies of your company and serve as the centerpiece of a complete crisis management program. In today’s complex corporate environment, “ownership” of the crisis management program must be identified and defined.

We have also designed and developed customized facility-based emergency policies and procedures for clients in a wide range of industries and geographic regions. We can help you establish general emergency guidelines for potential security events such as:

  • Active shooter/workplace violence
  • Terrorist and criminal attacks–directed at you or within your vicinity
  • Fire, explosion and hazmat incidents
  • Political and civil unrest/special events
  • Pandemic epidemics
  • Kidnap/extortion
  • Weather emergencies/power interruption


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