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Address your travel risks at a pace that suits your needs with a robust assessment designed to minimize the impact of running your business.

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International travel raises a complex series of administrative, logistical and safety concerns, and nothing can tarnish a travel experience more than unexpected misfortune. Kroll will ensure personnel at your organization are equipped to handle modern travel security risks, aware of risks while traveling and provided with the resources to stay safe if the unexpected happens.

Local criminal targeting, organized crime, terrorism, drug trafficking, natural disasters, unreliable infrastructure, unwilling host governments, medical deficiencies, food/water safety, language barriers, cross-cultural nuances, arduous terrain and hard-to-reach locales all present unique challenges and vulnerabilities to travelers. Kroll specializes in providing tailored, location-specific information to best prepare for international travel and maintains the duty-of-care in protecting your employees while traveling.

Whether for business travel, market curiosity, business intelligence or a personal vacation, Kroll’s global team of travel security specialists will give you the information and insights to make informed decisions on safety, security, risk mitigation and international travel.

Case Study – Major Event Executive Protection

Kroll's global executive protection resources were tapped by one of our clients when a high-net-worth family took their family of six on an international trip during the 2018 World Cup. Travels went largely as expected and were uncomplicated despite crushing crowds, security checkpoints and unexpected detours and event closures.

Kroll’s personnel acted as both security providers and cultural ambassadors during this vacation and provided unique local insights. Kroll had to conduct robust and advanced contingency planning to help them navigate the city, both in vehicles and on foot, during times of increased street/venue/event closures, significant access and movement restrictions, increased scrutiny and elevated threats from international terrorism and transnational criminal organizations. The three-week trip ended without incident.

How we can help

Performance Audits

Performance Audits

Comprehensive assessments to improve operations and management.

Security Training Services

Security Training Services

Kroll has extensive experience providing security training calibrated to each client’s needs, whether they’re brief one-day introductory sessions, “refresher” programs or multi-day curriculums.

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