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Our highly trained experts employ the most advanced technical equipment available and can guide you through the security controls that address the risks that affect your organization.

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Safeguarding against corporate espionage and personal targeting for blackmail, bribery or extortion requires an intricately robust series of programmatic checks, safeguards, technical systems, employee awareness, document controls, IT protections as well as good physical, technical and operational security measures. Whether you’re in a low-risk environment and want to safeguard your information from unintentional leakage, a high-risk environment and need to safeguard from well-resourced adversaries or anywhere in between, Kroll has the experience, expertise and resources to build lasting information protection programs and measures.

Constant advancements in technology have lowered the barriers for entry into the corporate espionage world. Disgruntled former employees, terminated executives, dedicated competitors, hobby-hacktivists and foreign government actors all know the theft of proprietary information can be crippling for an organization’s profitability, reputation and ultimate survival—all while affording a competitive edge for them.

Kroll offers the most robust and modern information protection programs available. At Kroll, we combine the most experienced personnel with the most advanced technology and bring our clients powerful solutions for safeguarding proprietary information, thwarting acts of industrial espionage and protecting their brand from those who intend harm.

Kroll’s most popular information protection services are:

Enterprise-Wide Information Protection Assessment

Kroll analyzes and assesses the full lifecycle of information from inception to retention, and ultimately destruction, to highlight exploitable gaps and vulnerabilities. We focus on intellectual property, document controls, systems security, and storage/transportation of sensitive information. Also included is a review of all policies, procedures and processes involved in vetting personnel, vendors, contractors and partners that will intersect with your proprietary information.

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Consulting

Kroll employs the most sophisticated personnel and equipment available to protect proprietary information. Kroll maintains a solid position at the forefront of the industry and brings all our global reach, expertise and lessons-learned to bear in safeguarding our clients from acts of industrial espionage, theft of intellectual property and proprietary information protection. Kroll will help you design a robust series of protections, safeguards and inspection protocols that makes sense for your threat landscape. This may involve passive technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM) collection systems, regular sweeps, additional security safeguards, property inventories, gift policies, etc. but is all tailored to fit your acute needs and be no more restrictive than is required.

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) Investigations
  • Do you have any suspicions your information is being stolen?
  • Are you personally or professionally being targeted with a smear campaign?
  • Have you found suspicious and unexplainable devices in your space?
  • Have you recently terminated an individual who poses a technical risk to your information?
  • Has information gotten out that was discussed privately?
  • Do you need regular TSCM sweeps to align with information security best practices?

Kroll’s global teams of TSCM specialists are available anytime, anywhere to assess your vulnerabilities, find nefarious bugging and eavesdropping devices, and help identify who may be targeting your sensitive information. Industrial and corporate espionage is an unfortunate fact of life, relatively easy to perpetuate, and poses significant vulnerabilities to organizations, investor confidence, brand loyalty and sustainability. Kroll employs the most accomplished specialists with the most technologically advanced equipment to stay one step ahead in the fight for your sensitive information.

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Security Training Services

Security Training Services

Kroll has extensive experience providing security training calibrated to each client’s needs, whether they’re brief one-day introductory sessions, “refresher” programs or multi-day curriculums.

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