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Protecting personnel from both harm and embarrassment, each with their own unique threat landscapes, is precisely what Kroll’s executive protection specialists excel at.

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Kroll understands there is no standard, off-the-shelf solution for executive protection. We specialize in balancing protective efforts, best practices and threat environments with client preferences, lifestyle choices and familial inclinations. This allows us to offer a truly tailored approach for an appropriately resourced protective program.

Kroll’s ultimate goal is to provide a safe operating environment for our clients to conduct their business and live their lives, while minimizing risk and protecting from those who wish to inflict harm—anywhere in the world. 

Kroll leverages our global presence, comprehensive understanding of threat/targeting vectors and our expert tacticians to safeguard our clients from threats of physical violence and reputational harm. This requires a careful balance of hard and soft skills, timely and accurate threat information and relies heavily on the trust and confidence forged between our experts and clients through open communication and information sharing. Kroll has a long and demonstrated history delivering top-tier executive protection services in some of the harshest and most arduous locales in the world.

Executive protection can take many forms and be delivered in a variety of ways. Kroll specializes in tailoring our protective services to the specific needs of our trusting clients. Whether that entails low visibility operators, high-profile motorcade support, protective surveillance, discreet over-watch, or any combination thereof, Kroll has the flexibility to meet your needs on a global scale.

Kroll’s executive protection specialists hail from all walks of the protection world—from federal, state and local law enforcement, to elite military units, high-performance corporate security environments and small family/high net worth offices. This balanced team helps inform our methodology and allows us to deal swiftly with nuanced challenges unique to every executive protection assignment. Kroll’s exacting standards in everything we do keeps us on top of the executive protection world and has for over 40 years.

International travel raises a complex series of administrative, logistical and safety concerns. Our veteran team of threat analysts and executive protection specialists have operated internationally for decades and will ensure your equities are protected while traveling abroad. All of Kroll’s executive protection personnel are culturally savvy in the environments they operate in, possess local/indigenous language skills, are familiar with local traffic/driving patterns and maintain an intimate understanding of their acute threat environments to best formulate a tailored protection plan and create a safe environment for you to achieve your goals. 

Kroll provides a comprehensive array of Executive Protection services, globally, including but not limited to:

  • Executive protection driver/chauffer
  • Executive protection advance personnel
  • Close protection details of various sizes and compositions
  • Advanced skillsets as needed (i.e. advanced medical personnel, protective surveillance/counter-surveillance operations, etc.)
  • Discreet overwatch (including at home, while traveling and in the office)
  • Residential security
  • Proprietary information integrity
  • Cyber security and forensics


Executive Protection Program Assessment

Many of Kroll’s clients have established executive protection programs currently safeguarding their senior executives.

Having led, worked with and consulted directly with many of the most robust and unique protection details in the world (both in government and private sector), Kroll’s executive protection leadership is uniquely positioned to provide independent, third-party and objective insight into the status of your executive protection program, juxtaposed against known and reasonably perceivable threat environments.

Kroll is particularly adept at assessing the current state of an executive protection program, offering guidance for the proper application of protective efforts and basing all findings and recommendations on real and articulable threat environment considerations that are unique to every program—thus ensuring time, money and resources are spent pragmatically.

At Kroll, we understand the intricacies and nuances that go into identifying threats, resourcing solutions and maintaining a program for continued success, all within a carefully considered budget.

The solutions we offer our clients are pragmatic, achievable and rooted in the best-practice tenants of executive protection. Often, it takes a fresh look at a program to ensure strategic level planning is in sync with tactical level implementation, and the two are mutually supportive.

Case Study – National Retail Threat Management and Executive Protection 

Kroll works closely with the executive committee of a nationwide grocery store chain that often receives threats—some benign and others highly actionable. In one instance, the CEO received a threatening phone call on their cell phone, their spouse received a similar call on their home phone and their adult child received a call on their home phone while home with a toddler-aged child. 

Kroll immediately dispatched executive protection personnel to meet the CEO and protect their home and their child’s home. In parallel, Kroll’s investigators gathered evidence, spoke with the local police, filed multiple police reports and canvassed the neighborhood, where the perpetrator was known to have been, for security camera footage that might be of value. Working with store personnel, executive team members, law enforcement and neighboring businesses, we were able to quickly safeguard those involved. We also put in place processes, should this happen again and brought closure to a family in distress. Kroll’s threat management experts were in constant contact with the client, guiding them through enterprise-wide decisions and implementing safeguards for a more robust security environment in all locations.

How we can help

Security Training Services

Security Training Services

Kroll has extensive experience providing security training calibrated to each client’s needs, whether they’re brief one-day introductory sessions, “refresher” programs or multi-day curriculums.

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