Major Event Security Planning and Implementation

Plan and attend special events at ease, knowing that your safety is secure from potential hazards with our time-tested methodology developing, organizing and implementing security plans.

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Kroll is the premier provider of security services for special events, from shareholder meetings, boards of directors meetings, discreet private events, and major celebrations, to highly publicized conferences and high-profile spectator events.

Our security teams have decades of experience developing, organizing and implementing event-specific security plans. Many of our professionals have served in law enforcement, the military and various government agencies in addition to managing security for organizations in diverse sectors. Their multifaceted backgrounds, combined with Kroll’s extensive domestic and international resources, enable our team to anticipate and manage risks from multiple vantage points.

Kroll appreciates the unique risks associated with special events and the need for coordinated security services that may, at times, need to operate discretely. For example, annual shareholder or board meetings may evoke intense feelings or increased tension, potentially leading to embarrassing or harmful security situations. Kroll also understands the sensitivity of cross-cultural communication and cultural awareness at play in various environments globally. Kroll’s global workforce operates with fluency worldwide, thus providing the highest level of security for international events.

Kroll’s meticulous planning, preparation and global expertise allow our clients to focus on the narrative of their events and any pressing business at hand in a safe and secure operating environment for all concerned.

Why Kroll?

Our experts include former high-ranking officials from state and federal law enforcement agencies, specialized military units and preeminent corporate security programs. Their frontline experience imbues our security services with real-world guidance and globally recognized best practices.

  • Headquartered in New York City, Kroll has global offices located in major metropolitan centers in the U.S. and in strategic locations throughout Europe, Asia, the Middle East, as well as across North, South and Central America.
  • Kroll has highly trained in-country professionals in more than 70 offices across 25 countries serving a global clientele of law firms, financial institutions, academic institutions, corporations, entertainment industry icons, non-profit organizations, government agencies and private individuals. Kroll has the flexibility to mobilize quickly, addressing both large-scale events and time-sensitive crises.
  • All Kroll matters are managed with the strictest confidentiality with our clients in mind and as per the highest legal and ethical standards.
  • We provide the full spectrum of special event security services—from pre-event conceptualization and threat assessments, to action plan designs, contingency planning, emergency rehearsal drills and on-site emergency security services.

Our Methodology

Our time-tested event security methodology employs progressive phases that have proven effective for small private gatherings, large corporate events, major international spectacles, public events and everything in between. Kroll will develop a pragmatic security plan with you, whether your event is being hosted on your premises or at an offsite location.

Pre-Event Research and Threat Assessment

Kroll’s approach to event security starts with a comprehensive threat assessment, analyzing both the macro and micro threat environments associated with the event, such as its host(s), the venue/environment, known or expected attendees, sponsors, historical events and political agendas. Our goal is to provide the host or coordinating committee with a realistic understanding of the real-time threat environment and what potential elements may impact the safety and security of those involved, derail the agenda/narrative or negatively impact the reputation/brand of the host. We will examine known as well as perceived threats, both internal and external, and make mitigation recommendations.

Emergency Preparedness and Crisis Response Planning and Training

Risk mitigation and emergency planning are core functions of Kroll’s Security Risk Management practice. While operating environments domestically and abroad are constantly evolving and increasingly unpredictable, Kroll’s expert security and crisis management team can help your organization plan for the unexpected. Kroll provides planning and training resources for various event security-related topics such as active shooter preparedness, fire emergency procedures, medical catastrophes, natural disasters, civil unrest and surveillance detection. Kroll can prepare your personnel through precise planning, tabletop exercises, security directive development and active participation drills to reduce the impact of a critical incident—and potentially save lives in the process.

Intelligence Analysis and Threat Monitoring

Utilizing the latest technology, analytic processes and up-to-date information available, Kroll’s security experts and intelligence analysts will gather, corroborate and interpret current, real-time and emerging conditions surrounding your event(s). Kroll will continually analyze intelligence, such as pre-identified threat information, news reporting from various platforms, internet activity, local criminal activity, extreme weather conditions and a litany of additional data points. This provides Kroll’s experts with the best information available throughout our client collaboration, plan development, security plan implementation and emergency response.

Event Security Management

Kroll develops security plans tailored to the precise needs of our clients to safeguard all involved from harm and embarrassment while considering the intended narrative of each event. Kroll’s client-first consultative process keeps you involved throughout our planning, development and implementation phases of any security plan. Our industry-leading team of professionals collaborates regularly with law enforcement, emergency first responders, venue security personnel, major event planners, as well as third-party implementing partners and vendors alike, to develop an all-inclusive security plan. Finally, Kroll provides the trained, experienced and professional security personnel needed to implement our security plan anywhere in the world so you can focus on other priorities.

How we can help

Security Training Services

Security Training Services

Kroll has extensive experience providing security training calibrated to each client’s needs, whether they’re brief one-day introductory sessions, “refresher” programs or multi-day curriculums.

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