Monitorships of Police Departments and Enforcement Agencies

Assessing compliance with reform agreements.

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In recent years, law enforcement agencies have frequently been the subject of judicial consent decrees and other agreements with state and federal prosecutorial authorities requiring compliance with various reforms, procedures, laws and regulations. The impetus for such agreements is often rooted in alleged wrongdoing by law enforcement agencies, including systemic civil rights violations, excessive use of force, sexual harassment and other police misconduct.

To help ensure compliance with the terms of consent agreements, government officials, courts and others look to independent third parties to help monitor and assess adherence to the terms of the particular agreement. Kroll has the independence, expertise and credibility to effectively perform this critical oversight role and to perform related services.

Over the past decade, government officials from the offices of large city mayors, the U.S. Department of Justice and state attorneys general have chosen Kroll and its policing experts to serve as monitors in high-profile and sensitive cases. Kroll has served as a monitor of state and metropolitan police forces pursuant to consent decrees regarding issues of excessive use of force, false arrests, unreasonable searches, sexual harassment and other alleged misconduct. Our monitorship experiences also extend beyond law enforcement to cases involving unions and industries impacted by organized crime, fraud and corrupt practices.

Our practitioners include former chiefs of police and other veterans of law enforcement agencies at the highest levels, as well as former state and federal prosecutors. Our subject matter expertise in policing is second to none and extends to a broad range of areas, including use of force, stops and detentions, internal affairs, community policing, community engagement strategies, officer training, supervision and bias-free policing. In addition, Kroll has a record of dealing with diverse stakeholders, including elected officials, police command staff, sworn officers, ordinary citizens and special interest groups on contentious and highly charged issues.

Kroll combines sophisticated investigative techniques, in-depth interviews, data analysis, forensic accounting and state-of-the-art technology in support of monitorship appointments in both the private and public sectors. We also have developed extensive expertise in establishing plans for improving upon identified deficiencies and advising law enforcement leadership on strategies for reform, developing metrics for and measuring against proposed compliance improvement, and preparing detailed compliance reports for courts, regulators and government agencies.

Why Kroll
  • Kroll has extensive experience serving as a monitor in cases involving law enforcement agencies.
  • We offer a deep understanding of best practices in law enforcement agencies.
  • Kroll and its people have credibility with community members and law enforcement agencies.
  • Our experience includes 40-plus years of experience consulting on matters relating to the criminal justice system.
  • We are experts at preparing and distributing compliance reports for a diverse audience.
  • Our practitioners include men and women with decades of experience in law enforcement who understand the challenging and sensitive issues officers face.
  • We offer strong capabilities in data and statistical analysis.

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