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Expert training for law enforcement professionals: leadership, management and tactics.

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Law enforcement agencies today are contending with an expanding set of challenges—new security threats, new laws and regulations, changing community and professional expectations—while trying to understand and implement emerging technologies. Simultaneously, law enforcement officers are operating under unprecedented scrutiny with their lives, careers and reputations constantly on the line.

In this increasingly complex environment, training is more important than ever. An effective training program can improve your organization’s performance and safety, develop and sharpen your leadership skills, boost staff morale, and improve relations between law enforcement and the communities you serve.

Kroll has decades of experience training law enforcement groups and organizations of all sizes, and individuals at various professional levels and career stages. Our training services cover a range of basic and advanced skills geared toward new and experienced police chiefs, agency leaders, investigators and officers.

Training for newly appointed leaders of law enforcement agencies is especially critical as most come to the job with little or no preparation for what awaits them. While a challenge, it is also an opportunity to transform an agency and reach for excellence in all areas. Kroll can help a new leader ensure his or her agency is receiving the best training with the most up-to-date tactics and changes in the law.

In today’s environment of heightened tensions between police and the public, practically any law enforcement agency can benefit from training in effective community outreach. Officers today must be trained not just to address crime, but to partner with members of the community to understand their needs and concerns and identify solutions. This new approach to policing requires training in, among other areas, de-escalation techniques and problem-solving skills, as well as realistic training drills and exercises to prepare officers for the reality of stresses they will need to respond to during the performance of duties.

Crisis communications is another area increasingly critical to law enforcement. Often operating under intense media scrutiny, agencies can quickly find themselves at the center of a firestorm. Preparing for a crisis, including proper media training, can put your agency on firm ground when the inevitable unexpected event arrives.

With decades of experience in law enforcement, our professional trainers are authorities in critical areas such as crisis leadership and preparedness, community engagement, deployment, investigative techniques, administrative tasks, event management, and a host of other tactical and strategic areas. We regularly draw upon these experiences and qualifications during our training sessions, sharing vital insight and expertise that will help you succeed in your role, wherever you are in your career.

Kroll understands that effective training programs need to address the specific nuances of each individual institution. Recognizing that federal, state and large metropolitan police agencies, small community forces, and university, healthcare and transit police organizations all face unique challenges, we tailor our training based on the institution and the needs of its professionals.

Whether you want to become more proficient in the latest police tactics, improve administrative and personnel management skills, or master leadership strategies to improve your agency’s internal culture and community engagement, Kroll offers training to help you achieve your goals.

Why Kroll
  • Our practitioners include former high-ranking officials with state and federal law enforcement agencies, and former prosecutors, with distinguished careers spanning decades.
  • We offer training for individuals at every stage of their careers, from new recruits to police chiefs.
  • Leadership and strategy courses and consultations with new and experienced police chiefs.
  • Management courses for professionals taking on advanced responsibilities.
  • Tactical courses for new recruits or experienced professionals seeking to expand their skills.
  • Training is delivered in-person for maximum effectiveness; both individual and large-group settings are available.
  • Our training is continually informed by the experience of our Kroll colleagues whose work for clients worldwide provides valuable insight on emerging criminal tactics and trends.

Leadership, Management and Tactical Training

The following list represents a small sampling of the wide range of expert training that Kroll offers. We can provide either individual or group training. Also, please note that while the trainings below are categorized under certain roles, all trainings will be generally available to any law enforcement professional unless prerequisites must be fulfilled.

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Police Chiefs 

Leadership/Strategy Training

For first-time chiefs or experienced chiefs in new roles:

  • “Fresh Start” – Assess current department conditions, benchmark against best standards and create strategies to move forward
  • Leadership
  • Culture change
  • Community engagement
  • Policies and procedures development
  • Crisis communications
  • Working with the media
  • Team building

Management Roles

Management Training

For officers charged with people management and administrative responsibilities:

  • New supervisor training
  • Personnel management
  • Mentoring
  • Leading a team
  • Internal investigations


Tactical Training

For new recruits or experienced officers who desire to expand skills:

  • De-escalation techniques
  • Crowd control
  • Interview and interrogation
  • Fingerprinting
  • Specialized units


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Investigations and Reviews

Helping to build public trust with independence, expertise and credibility.

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Monitorships of Police Departments and Enforcement Agencies

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