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Law enforcement agencies depend on the public’s confidence in their competence and integrity. This confidence can be shaken in the aftermath of highly publicized violent encounters with citizens or repeated complaints alleging civil rights violations, excessive use of force, sexual harassment, hiring improprieties and other misconduct.

Often, the best way to help restore the public’s confidence and to alleviate its concerns is through an independent investigation or review by a credible third party.

Due to its unparalleled expertise, experience and reputation of independence, Kroll is frequently retained by government officials at the local, state and federal levels to review and evaluate law enforcement practices and procedures, and to investigate patterns of alleged misconduct and specific incidents.

Law enforcement agencies, including state and city police departments and university and hospital police forces, also look to Kroll for an objective review of their practices and procedures, and assurances that their operations meet the highest standards and best practices.

For more than 40 years, Kroll has used an evidence-based approach to reviews and investigations. We review policies and procedures, examine and analyze statistical data, interview relevant personnel, and develop a comprehensive understanding of the facts on the ground.

Kroll is also adept at interpreting statistical data to address issues such as potential bias in policing. Our reviews, for example, can include valid samples of arrests, citations and pedestrian and traffic stops to determine if a lawful justification existed for the initial encounter and was not based upon an individual’s race, ethnic origin, gender, age, sexual orientation, religion or income status.

We also work with law enforcement agencies to formulate strategies on how to improve practices and procedures, and promote an internal culture of transparency, legitimacy, fairness, collaboration, inclusion, diversity and innovation. 

Kroll’s professionals include former federal prosecutors and law enforcement officials with major metropolitan police forces who bring a wealth of experience investigating sensitive matters. Crucially, they also have subject matter expertise in a range of areas, including use of force, diversity and recruitment, internal affairs, policies and procedures, training, community engagement, urban policing and special events policing.

Why Kroll
  • Deep bench of law enforcement expertise covering key specialties, including use of force, community engagement, diversity, transparency and internal affairs
  • Credibility with law enforcement officials and the public
  • Adept at making recommendations to improve policies and procedures
  • Experience producing investigative reports for public consumption
  • Extensive network of experts in crucial areas such as mental health and psychology

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Forensic Investigations and Intelligence

Forensic Investigations and Intelligence

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