Security Risk Management

Kroll’s Security Risk Management practice provides expert guidance, subject matter expertise and a global footprint from which we help clients navigate the most challenging and emerging security issues.

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Helping clients anticipate/respond to a myriad of facility, operational and employee security challenges.

Kroll’s holistic approach combines top-tier professionals, modern technological solutions, proven strategies and expert thought leadership from across the globe to provide the most comprehensive solutions to modern-day security, safety and risk management issues.

Kroll’s global resources and cross-industry expertise propels us to the forefront of the security risk management industry, offering real-time assistance, proven solutions and strategic planning to help organizations navigate the most unpredictable of times with confidence. 

Kroll’s expertise is widespread and includes all aspects of threat management, physical security, technical security, operational security, security design and engineering, countermeasures, information security and much more.

Supply Chain Security Risk Management

Kroll can assist organizations in the review and assessment of existing security measures or develop a comprehensive supply chain security program to identify and mitigate unique risk environments and threat landscapes.

Supply Chain Threat/Vulnerability Assessment

Identifying and understanding actual and potential threats and vulnerabilities to the supply chain is the cornerstone of an effective supply chain security program. Kroll’s global team of security experts examines all component links of an organization’s supply chain to identify where and how threats can manifest.

Supply Chain Security Program Development

Kroll can develop a comprehensive and cost-effective supply chain security program that addresses risks and vulnerabilities throughout the entire supply chain process. Supply chain security programs include physical and technical security measures, operational security protocols, security staffing, threat and risk intelligence gathering and assessment and documented security policies and procedures.


Timothy V Horner
Timothy V. Horner
Senior Managing Director and Global Head of Security Risk Management
Security Risk Management
Peter McFarlane
Managing Director
Forensic Investigations and Intelligence

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Security Consulting

Kroll's holistic security consulting services include current and emerging threat assessments, policy review and development, and master planning.

Operational Security Services

Kroll’s expert tacticians are always ready to directly safeguard your people, facilities, confidential information and brand reputation when they’re at risk or being threatened.

Security Systems Consulting

Kroll's security consultants and engineers design and oversee cutting-edge security systems to some of the largest and most ambitious construction projects worldwide.

Resilience Consulting

Risk management is at the core of resilience, and for over 40 years, Kroll has been on the front lines managing risk for clients across diverse industries around the world.

Law Enforcement Public Safety

Expertise in critical areas, including training, investigations, and evaluations.

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