End-to-End Litigation Support Services

End-to-End Litigation Support Services

Go beyond evidence to insight: our experienced investigators can collect, analyze and present any form of evidence as experts to deliver case-changing insights in litigation, arbitration or disputes.

Watch to Martin Nikel, Senior Vice President in the Cyber Risk practice, outline Kroll's ability support the entire litigation lifecycle from collection and analysis to presentation and implementation.

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Experienced investigators deliver case-changing insights to support the entire litigation lifecycle.

Our experts efficiently cut through the information clutter to provide meaningful insights supporting every stage of litigation, from initial investigation and intelligence gathering, data and device collection and witness interviews, forensic analysis, expert witness review and testimony and post-litigation actions. Our experience results in efficient, impactful insights.

Case Study: Litigation Support for the FTC

Kroll provided expert support to Federal Trade Commission (FTC) trial counsel in FTC v. Wyndham Worldwide Corporation, et al. (2:13-CV-01887-ES-JAD) in the U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey.

  • Over 100,000 documents in the discovery set
  • Two Kroll experts working separately developed opinion reports and supported the FTC trial team for over a year
  • Trial counsel characterized expert witness work as among the most complex presented to any expert by the Commission

Case Study: High-Stakes Litigation Involving Smart Car Intellectual Property

A smart car startup was being sued for theft of intellectual property (IP) by the executive team’s previous employers. Every device in the organization needed to be collected and analyzed to determine which machines and custodians (if any) had access to the IP in question. Kroll investigators:

  • Forensically imaged 230 hard drives beginning on a Friday night and ending Sunday morning
  • Extracted from all devices and deduplicated over 10 TB of data down to approximately 2 TB
  • Structured analytics operations, such as email threading, and conceptual analytics indexes were utilized to document clustering and concept searching

Why Work With Us?
  • Responsive
    We know the demands of litigation and support it 24/7 
  • Licensed, Credentialed Professionals
    We started the modern investigative consultancy and have been conducting investigations since the 1970s 
  • Deep Bench of Expertise
    Our team contains specialists in forensic accounting, valuation, digital forensics, security, M&A and intellectual property issues 
  • Understand Valuation
    We are the largest independent valuation provider in the world 
  • Global Reach
    We properly collect, analyze and present evidence to factfinders anywhere 
  • Local Insight
    We understand applicable investigative, evidentiary and data forum rules 
  • Extensive Resources
    Our combination of technical skills, global discovery platforms and subject matter expertise allows us to identify, analyze and interpret voluminous data 
  • Experts to Consult and Testify
    We can provide both testifying and consulting expertise with appropriate separation between the functions
  • Understanding Opposition
    Our investigative skills and testifying expertise provides the ability to review and analyze opposing reports and develop counterarguments 
  • Experts, Not Advocates
    As experts, we work closely with counsel to provide fact-based reports and opinions on relevant issues in dispute

Beyond Evidence: True Insights to Support Litigation

Our investigative mindset, coupled with our ability to present complex issues with clarity, makes us a one stop shop for all aspects of a dispute. 

We provide intelligence, evidence collection and internal investigation at the onset of an issue. We help you understand your risks, opponents and posture. We support pre hearing litigation with the proper collection and hosting of factual evidence and provide analysis to cut though data clutter and arrive at meaningful insights. We help present your case, providing the witnesses, analysis and exhibits needed to put the evidence in front of the factfinder. Finally, we assist you in the implementation of the result. 

We are built to support litigation. Talk to one of our litigation support experts today.

End-to-End Litigation Support Services



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