24x7 Incident Response

Enlist Experienced Responders to Handle the Entire Security Incident Lifecycle

Kroll Cyber Risk experts respond to over 2,000 security events every year. We manage incidents of all types, complexity and severity for organizations across diverse industries. You can count on Kroll’s unique frontline experience not only in a crisis, but also for proactive planning and mitigation strategies. We are among the top service providers preferred by major cyber insurance companies and offer client-friendly incident response retainers for peace of mind.

Fast and efficient deployment via onsite and remote incident response capabilities

Whether your incident is the result of a malicious hacker or accidental exposure by an employee, Kroll can help now. Our global network of certified security and digital forensic experts can deploy remote solutions quickly and/or be onsite within hours to help you contain the situation and determine next steps.

Kroll is a leading provider of end-to-end cybersecurity, digital forensics and breach response services, and will help you make informed decisions at every stage, from proactive preparation to consumer notification and remediation. Our goal, working alongside your counsel and insurance carrier, is to smoothly guide you to recovery — one that leaves you standing in the best defensible position, reputation intact, and where business can proceed with minimal disruption.

Common Threats Addressed by Our Incident Response Team
Business Email Compromise and Wire Fraud Insider Threats and Accidental Data Loss
Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) Third Party and Vendor-Related Risks
Malware, Keyloggers, and Backdoors Cryptocurrency Theft
Ransomware Targeted Intellectual Property Theft
Payment Card Fraud (PCI/PFI) Web Application Attacks and Password Theft

Kroll offers a continuum of services for the multifaceted nature of incident response

  • Incident Response Preparation and Prevention: Enhance your organization’s ability to respond to cyberattacks with Kroll’s wide range of assessments, tabletop exercises, and intelligence.
  • Intelligent Endpoint Detection and Response: Employing a powerful combination of technology and people, this sophisticated solution enables you to detect and respond swiftly to credible threats.

Watch Managing Director Devon Ackerman discuss the role endpoint detection and response should play in cyber risk in 2021.

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