Betsy Blumenthal is a senior managing director in the Business Intelligence and Investigations practice of Kroll, a division of Duff & Phelps, and head of the San Francisco office. With a background in marketing, politics and non-profit organizations, Betsy provides her clients with a wealth of diverse experience and business perspective. She is frequently engaged by corporations and high-net-worth individuals for her investigative and advisory expertise and is often entrusted with resolving highly sensitive professional and private matters. She leads a multidisciplinary team on a substantial array of business transactions, many of which involve multinational corporations and private equity firms. Betsy’s work also includes pre-transaction domestic and international due diligence investigations, business intelligence assignments and internal investigations.

Prior to joining Kroll, she served as Deputy Finance Chair for the Democratic National Committee in Washington, D.C. Earlier in her career, Betsy worked at Home Box Office, the special equities department at LF Rothschild, and for American Express on the 1984 Summer Olympics.

Professional Experience

Pre-Transaction Research

Betsy has directed numerous custom-tailored investigations for private equity firms and corporations seeking strategic information prior to investments. 

In light of recent issues, which have surfaced with a number of technology, financial services, media and entertainment companies, Betsy has led a number of “Culture Check” projects – discreet investigative reports into internal corporate culture that can potentially protect a company’s bottom line from expensive lawsuits and damaging public relations crises – on behalf of Kroll’s clients, prior to potential partnerships and acquisitions/investments. 

Internal Investigations

A financial institution engaged Kroll after proprietary information and confidential details about operational expenditures were leaked on a public social sharing site. Betsy’s team was able to trace the activity to an ex-employee who had been separated months earlier. Although the individual had passed the client’s usual pre-employment screening, Kroll investigators discovered this person had engaged in malicious criminal behavior in the past.

Global Market Entry Business Intelligence

Over the years, Betsy has managed a number of projects for clients who have retained Kroll to help them better understand the regulatory and competitive landscape ahead of prospective investments. One such assignment involved a multinational company considering market entry into a region that would potentially reach multibillion-dollar status. With the client’s interests focused on six specific countries, Betsy provided the organizational methodology and team leadership to provide the client with actionable information on considerations such as customs, taxes, potential corruption and compliance risks, and geopolitical concerns. Throughout the course of the assignment, Betsy’s team conducted hundred of interviews with sources that included local business leaders, government employees, competitors and former employees. Based on the comprehensive information that Betsy and her team provided, the client decided to forego expansion in the region. 

Proactive Anti-Trust Monitoring Project

A large multinational client operating in a very complex industry on six continents needed to divest a company it owned in order to close on a larger deal. The client wanted to proactively ensure there were no violations of the transitional service agreement (TSA) and engaged Kroll to determine if any non-compliant activities could be taking place. Betsy coordinated operations across seven Kroll offices strategically located in the client’s global geographic footprint, where investigators used various methods to assess local business compliance with the TSA. 

Foreign Organized Crime Influence

Betsy has assisted numerous clients who were considering international M&A deals to determine the existence or assess the scope of involvement of foreign organized crime in the operations of target acquisitions or partners. 

High-Net-Worth Families and Individuals

Betsy has worked very closely with clients who have had highly sensitive or unusual personal matters. Leveraging the global resources of the firm, she has both advised clients on safety and security protocols and also discreetly resolved situations that have representatively included missing persons, stalking and blackmail. 

Education & Certification
  • B.A., American University

Professional Affiliations
  • International Rescue Committee, Overseer
  • East Harlem Tutorial Program, Auxiliary Board Member
  • Peer Health Exchange, National Board Member and San Francisco Advisory Board Chair
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