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From protecting intellectual property to constructing secure facilities, Kroll helps organizations in the healthcare, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology sector manage risk by building stronger companies while protecting the privacy and safety of end-users.

Business Intelligence and Investigations
Kroll helps clients navigate the challenges that affect decision-making in the life sciences  sector, both in terms of resolving issues influencing the current environment and building resilient business practices to mitigate anticipated industry risk. We have assisted clients in addressing local and global issues relating to fraud and corruption, intellectual property (IP) protection, sales and marketing irregularities, confidential information breaches, supply chain due diligence, employee wrongdoing and counterfeiting, amongst others. Learn more

Due Diligence
In Kroll’s latest Global Fraud Report, 23% of companies in this sector hit by fraud where the perpetrator was known report a joint venture partner was involved (the highest figure in the survey.) Kroll’s suite of due diligence services inform clients on every facet a business before a decision is made, including the integrity of business associates, quality of financial information and supply chain risks. Learn More.

Compliance Risk and Diligence
Protecting against regulatory risks poses its own challenges where navigating third party risk can be confusing and complex—especially when you are not sure where to start. Kroll’s suite of high-volume services can help you take the first step toward establishing a risk-based compliance program by determining which third parties present the greatest threat to your organization. Learn more.

Cyber Risk
Having a cyber policy in place when hit with a data breach and knowing who to notify is a pressing concern, especially if sensitive PHI has been compromised. Kroll’s data breach notification and remediation solutions are designed to help you rebuild that trust and meet all regulatory standards. We’ve been helping clients successfully manage breach notifications for more than a decade. Learn more.

Security Risk Management
Providing a safe and secure environment to protect people and assets is a high priority, now more than ever. Kroll has vast experience solving these issues for healthcare facilities. Our time-tested, field-proven process for effective security risk management include brand protection, security systems planning, threat assessments and installation management. Learn more.

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