Jonathan Fairtlough Discusses Increase in Breach Investigations with National Real Estate Investor Online

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to force organizations to work remotely, working from home has opened a whole new attack vector surrounding data theft. Companies have begun to shift their focus towards customer acquisition and revenue generation, while data preservation has been put on the back burner. Jonathan Fairtlough, Managing Director in the Cyber Risk practice at Kroll, a division of Duff & Phelps, spoke with National Real Estate Investor Online about the potential uptick in breach investigations regarding data security. “I think you will see an increase in the number of breach investigations where the attack vectors are identified as coming from a home system,” Jonathan tells NREI. 

Companies were forced to quickly adjust their working environment to accommodate a global lockdown that prevented most employees from going into the office. Home networks may not have the same security in place that many have in the office, leaving private data more vulnerable to bad actors. To combat this, Jonathan highlights the importance of implementing end-point monitoring tools to protect an organization’s corporate systems, commenting “Endpoint monitoring can become a very effective tool to look for attempts to connect with or log through systems.” Incorporating endpoint monitoring into your organization’s security profile is crucial for protecting your employees from remote vulnerabilities. 

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