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Vulnerability Assessments

A comprehensive security review and vulnerability assessment is an essential step in securing your organization.

Kroll’s vulnerability assessment methodology begins with an in-depth security review. This is a detailed exercise where we:

  • Look at current areas of exposure and any past security incidents in order to identify potential vulnerabilities.
  • Conduct onsite interviews of employees and other key individuals for critical insights and information about situations, policies and procedures.
  • Provide a gap analysis to isolate areas where your security program does not meet industry best practices.

At the conclusion of our analysis, Kroll will make recommendations and guide you in implementing measures to mitigate any areas of vulnerability to reduce your risk.

Case Study: City of Houston

Kroll was hired by the government of the City of Houston to perform assessments for 15 city facilities and develop recommendations for countermeasure upgrades to improve overall building security and potentially reduce manpower costs through more efficient use of technology. The scope of this project included implementation of a threat and vulnerability assessment to determine a reasonable level of security and structural reinforcement needed to protect (deter, detect, and shield) against terrorist attacks, both external and internal, on specified City of Houston facilities as well as decrease the potential impact of crime. As part of this process, a blast vulnerability study was incorporated into a security assessment report prepared for each facility along with findings and recommendations designed to mitigate identified vulnerabilities and ensure consistency with industry best practices.

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    Vulnerability Assessments | Kroll Kroll identifies potential vulnerabilities in your security operations via a full security review, and provides a gap analysis identifying areas where your security program does not meet industry best practices. Vulnerability Assessments, security review, business security operations assessment, security gap analysis, Reduce Risk