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Security Consulting

Kroll offers comprehensive security consulting services, from assessments and master planning to policy development, business continuity strategies, and audits. Our global team of security experts help clients prevent, plan for and respond appropriately to myriad security risks so they can focus on their business.

Security decisions you make today can determine your organization’s security for years to come. Kroll’s security consultants can ensure you take a considered approach that is based on industry best practices as well as real-world experience.

Holistic security consulting approach

Our security consulting services have an added-value component in that we can call upon the insight and expertise of our colleagues in Kroll’s Investigations, Due Diligence/Business Intelligence and Cyber Security practices. All these complementary resources enable us to provide clients with an integrated security framework that will work to protect their people, assets, and operations. Kroll’s security consulting services include:

  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Executive and Facility Threat Assessments
  • Policy and Procedures Development
  • Security Master Planning
  • Security Audits and Gap Analysis
  • Technical Surveillance Counter Measures
  • Executive Protection

Case Study: Sears Tower (now Willis Tower), Chicago, Illinois

Kroll was retained by Trizec, Inc. to conduct an independent threat assessment of the Sears Tower (renamed Willis Tower) property immediately following the September 11, 2001 tragedies. The primary objective of the assessment was to review all aspects of the base building security operation and develop new security measures consistent with the needs of this high profile, highly trafficked, symbolic structure. For Phase I, Kroll completed:

  • A physical survey of the property including the site, parking garage, loading dock, service entrances and corridors, building common areas, building lobbies, elevator core(s), roof, and mechanical, electrical and plumbing support facilities.
  • Interviews with property management personnel to discuss past criminal incidents and the overall security climate for the property.
  • A risk assessment of the facilities based upon known public information and information gathered from the property management group.
  • Inspection and evaluation of the currently installed electronic security systems to include access control and alarm monitoring, closed circuit television, intercom communications.

Trizec contracted Kroll to carry out recommendations contained in the threat assessment report and to continue with security systems and programs enhancements, including emergency preparedness.

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