Litigation Support

When a business dispute results in litigation, the costs -- both in legal expenditures and business disruption -- can be staggering.

Clients and their lawyers rely on Kroll’s investigative expertise, range of capabilities and depth of experience not only to help them meet their litigation objectives, but also to reach swift resolution of their disputes. 

Kroll’s industry leading global reach means that our investigators, technology experts, forensic accountants and skilled analysts can identify the salient issues, develop pertinent facts, and locate and interview the people with key information. 

We help reveal the vulnerabilities of an adversary’s witnesses or those of our client; spot the issues hiding behind the numbers; uncover and preserve electronic evidence; and are well versed in utilizing the legal remedies available to trace assets around the world.

What distinguishes Kroll is the quality of our results.  We know the litigation landscape and have the local knowledge and global presence to help our clients resolve the most sensitive and complex matters. 

Case study: Investigation into Patent Infringement
Kroll was retained by a specialized technology company that had filed two lawsuits against a former employee and a new company he started.  Kroll developed evidence showing the competitor was violating a court order prohibiting the destruction and disposal of material in his possession.  Our team recovered the materials, filed affidavits in support of its findings and conducted a forensic analysis of the materials recovered.  The federal court ruled the competitor had infringed on the client’s patents, destroyed evidence and violated fair trade practices. The competitor was dissolved and its founder was barred from competing in the industry for five years. 

Case study: Investigating Allegations of Financial Fraud
The Board of Directors of a €3 billon revenue global consumer packaged goods company received an anonymous letter alleging a senior sales executive was engaged in financial fraud with a major distributor. Kroll investigators working in Europe, Asia and North America discretely extracted computer records in multiple locations, reviewed public records to assess the allegations, and interviewed the key participants. Kroll’s investigation allowed the Board to take prompt action to address the allegations without damage to the company’s business or reputation.

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