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By combining sophisticated investigative techniques with in-depth interviews, forensic accounting and state of the art research methods, Kroll has developed a specialized professional service for the public and private sectors to help them meet the challenges inherent in creating an environment based on integrity.

Kroll has developed business monitoring programs for the private sector to identify and control fraudulent and/or unethical activity and to enhance an organization’s integrity. Kroll also has significant experience in the undertaking of monitoring assignments on behalf of government entities where there has been some level of misconduct detected in an organization subject to substantial government overrsight or by court order. This work has included monitoring done in the public services and private sector, involving a number of different industries.

Kroll’s professionals are an experienced group of specialized consultants with a unique blend of talents and expertise. They are experts with distinguished backgrounds in law, finance, compliance, business, consulting, law enforcement, loss prevention, auditing, accounting, and journalism, as well as computer forensics and security.

Kroll has assembled a highly experienced group of individuals with skills specifically matched to monitoring compliance, instilling ethics and adherence to consent decrees. In addition, the group is augmented by Kroll's international network of investigative, legal, accounting, research and other professionals who span the globe in offices worldwide.

Case Study: Monitorship of the Los Angeles Police Department

In 2001, pursuant to a consent decree entered into by federal, state and city authorities, Kroll’s Michael Cherkasky was appointed to monitor and oversee the Los Angeles Police Department. With the assistance of a Kroll team, he was responsible for instituting and enforcing a new ethics program, conducting investigations and internal control audits, overseeing management procedures, and ensuring compliance with federal, state and local law.

Case Study: Monitorship of New York Township Landfills

A Kroll Managing Director was appointed by a New York township to monitor and oversee the administration of its landfills, to conduct internal and external investigations and audits, to assure compliance with ethical business practice guidelines for the Town’s procurement process, and to ensure compliance with laws and regulations governing the operation of landfills. Based on the results of this work, the assignment was expanded to other municipal departments including the Highway Department.

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Monitorships | Kroll Kroll has developed business monitoring programs for the public and private sector to identify and control fraudulent and/or unethical activity and to enhance an organization’s integrity. Monitorships, forensic sccounting, Fradulent Activity, Unethical Activity, Monitoring Assignments, Misconduct, Government Oversight