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Law firms, corporations, investors, government bodies, prosecutors and regulators—they all rely on Kroll investigations because of the scope, depth and expertise that inform our results.

Kroll’s investigative reach extends into virtually every corner of the world. No matter where an investigation leads, our insight into geographic challenges, cultural nuances, business practices and regulatory frameworks helps us gather findings from the most credible and useful sources.

Likewise, Kroll is known worldwide for digging deeper, for uncovering the connections or relationships that provide crucial context for the facts we discover. Clients use our work for decisions in everything from multimillion-dollar deals to complex multijurisdictional litigation. They do so with confidence because the evidence and reports we produce meet the highest standards of accuracy, clarity and timeliness.

Leading investigative consultants for the most complex cases

Kroll’s investigative expertise comes from the years of experience we have on our team. Our investigators’ backgrounds span the fields of intelligence gathering, law enforcement, criminal justice and civil litigation, investigative journalism, accounting and forensics, data analytics and cyber security.

Clients find Kroll’s integrated investigative approach and third-party independence particularly valuable when faced with complex fraud, financial or cyber investigations. Our multidisciplinary expertise coupled with proprietary technology platforms and sophisticated applications enable us to provide clients with customized, cost-effective and time-sensitive investigations.

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