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Reshmi Khurana

MANAGING DIRECTOR, India Office Head, Investigations and Disputes

Asia Pacific

Reshmi Khurana is a managing director at Kroll based in India. She has more than 15 years of experience in the U.S., South Asia and South East Asia conducting complex corruption investigations, litigation support and due diligence on the management, operations and business models of organizations. Her clients include asset management companies, corporations in the mining, oil and gas, consumer packaged goods and pharmaceutical industries and law firms.

Reshmi joined Kroll in 2003, working in the New York office first before moving to Kroll Singapore in 2009. She joined Kroll’s Mumbai office in 2011. Prior to joining Kroll, Reshmi was a consultant with McKinsey & Company in India.

Professional Experience

  • Helped a Fortune 500 US company investigate fraud in its India and South Asia operations. Led a team to investigate the senior management of the US company’s India operations for conflicts of interest, asset misappropriation, inappropriate vendor and employee relations and other fraud issues.
  • Assisted a private equity investor investigate the domestic and global operations of a portfolio company suspected of fraud. Lead a discreet investigation to understand if the private equity investor’s funds were being diverted to other businesses, investigated the company’s international customers to identify conflicts of interest and conducted an independent survey of the company’s reputation in the industry.
  • Lead an investigation on behalf of a consortium of banks into an Indian company that had defaulted on a multi-million dollar loan. Helped the banks identify various conflicts of interest related to the shareholders of the Indian company and its suppliers and customers, unraveled the modus operandi through which the shareholders siphoned off funds and investigated the alternative uses of the loan funds.
  • Helped a multi-billion dollar Indonesian oil company investigate fraud in its shipping, internal audit and downstream gas distribution businesses. Led a team that analyzed internal and third party documents, interviewed company and external employees and presented evidence to the board and senior management of the company.
  • Conducted a benchmarking study on the Korean competitors of an electronics company to identify best practices. Focused on government subsidies, accounting practices and the supply chain.
  • Conducted a pre-acquisition investigative due diligence of a billion dollar Vietnamese conglomerate and its founding Chairman for a global private equity firm. Lead a discreet investigation to understand if the Founder’s controversial past had any bearing on the conglomerate’s current operations.
  • Helped an Australian media conglomerate defend itself from hostile takeover maneuvers of an aggressive joint venture partner that wanted to wrest control of a JV business.
  • Identified $36 million in efficiencies through review of the cost structure of a $200 million internal investigations and security unit of a multi-billion dollar bank.
  • Assessed the competitive threat in the US to the Marketing Information division of a $3.9 billion publishing company whose competitor was acquired by a software equity.
  • Conducted a benchmarking study for the US transportation and distribution model of a $ 3.6 billion beer manufacturer. Developed financial and logistical best practices in beer distribution based on benchmarking with domestic and imported players in the US.
  • Evaluated the market opportunity in the port security industry in the US for a $1 billion security equipment manufacturing unit of one of the world’s largest heavy machinery manufacturers.

Education & Certification

  • London School of Economics and Political Science – Masters in Economics
  • University of Delhi – Bachelor of Economics


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