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Julian Grijns

Managing Director, Investigations and Disputes

North America

Kroll Associates, Inc.
600 Third Avenue, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10016

Julian Grijns is a Managing Director with Kroll’s Investigations and Disputes practice, based in the New York office. With more than 15 years of consulting experience in complex matters, Julian is an expert in gathering information from disparate sources and identifying patterns of misconduct.

Julian’s experience is founded in rigorous research methodologies and years of strategic analysis of corporate operations. He has participated in numerous diverse engagements, serving clients that include private and public entities, financial services and law firms, and high net worth individuals with asset recoveries, domestic and international due diligence, litigation support, employment issues, and business intelligence.

Since joining Kroll in 2004, Julian has led and participated in a wide range of assignments, including internal fraud investigations, counterfeit and intellectual property matters, asset searches and recovery, transaction due diligence, and business and competitive intelligence matters for clients around the world. Other areas of expertise include litigation support investigations, trade secret theft, proxy fights and hostile takeovers, and employment issues.

Before joining Kroll, Julian specialized in competitive intelligence research at Towers Perrin, where he served as a Manager. He was previously a Research Associate and Consultant with New York Consulting Partners, a supply chain consultancy, and started his career as a Paralegal in the M&A practice of Skadden, Arps.

Professional Experience

Cyber Security

Working with Kroll’s Cyber Security practice, Julian has led a number of cyber security assessments for mid-market and Fortune 500 firms. His assignments in this area have involved comprehensive assessments of an organization’s protection of physical and electronic data; evaluation of systems, applications, and relationships with third parties; and a company’s ability to detect, respond to, and mitigate threats.

Intellectual Property Theft

Julian led an investigation for a quantitative hedge fund concerned about the potential theft of the fund’s trade secrets. Working with Kroll’s computer forensics team, Julian identified a number of documents indicating that employees used complex measures to alter file titles, metadata, and other document properties in an effort to conceal their theft of confidential fund materials, including two of the firm’s proprietary trading algorithms. Julian worked with outside legal counsel to present evidence to support the prosecution of the former employees, who were ultimately convicted and sentenced.

Asset Searches

Since joining Kroll, Julian has worked on dozens of domestic and international asset search investigations for Fortune 100 companies, individuals, and judgment creditors. His experience includes investigating assets belonging to high net worth individuals and families, sovereign countries, heads of state, state-owned entities, and others seeking to conceal wealth through complex corporate networks or flight capital havens.

Litigation Support

Julian has worked on over 25 litigation support assignments during his tenure at Kroll. In one matter, he worked with the counsel of a major New York investment bank that was defending itself against claims by two former employees seeking hundreds of millions in damages. The investigation documented numerous breaches of company policy and performance issues for both employees. Kroll’s findings helped the bank reach a favorable settlement.

Corporate Investigations

Julian led an investigation into the Chief Financial Officer’s (CFO’s) conduct at an international telecommunications firm. An investigation and forensic accounting review of private equity investors in the company determined that the CFO had not stolen company assets. In another matter, Julian co-led an investigation that established evidence that a number of employees spent months working to build a competing enterprise using their current employer’s intellectual property. The case involved the review of emails, instant messages, and cached internet pages from dozens of computers in the United States and Europe. The evidence formed the basis of complaints filed in three countries.

International Dispute Resolution

Julian assisted an international financial institution’s investigation of claims brought by a former employee that investments made in an African mine were part of a money laundering scheme to benefit government officials. An investigation of public records in the United States and Africa and interviews of sources knowledgeable about the mine helped to discredit nearly all of the whistleblower’s claims and establish the client’s defense.

Hostile Takeovers and Proxy Contests

Julian assisted an international real estate investment fund’s efforts to unseat several board members of a U.S.-based REIT. Kroll’s work documented numerous cases of conflicts of interest and relationships among board members and executive management.

Education & Certifications

  • B.A., Vassar College


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