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Ilya A. Umanskiy

Associate Managing Director, Investigations & Disputes, Greater China

Asia Pacific

Kroll Associates (Asia)
1701-02 Central Plaza, 18 Harbour Road
Hong Kong

Ilya Umanskiy is an Associate Managing Director with Kroll’s Investigations and Disputes practice, based in the Hong Kong office. With vast experience in the industry, Ilya has worked with a variety of corporate, industrial, and government clients to assist them with development of comprehensive strategy and plans for mitigation of operational risks and enhancement of global security, incident response, and emergency management controls.

In his current role, Ilya is responsible for leading all risk advisory, security, preparedness, intellectual property protection, and technical design projects in Asia.

In the course of his career, Ilya has led diverse projects in all world regions, from Rio de Janeiro to Tokyo. Such projects included crisis/emergency management, executive protection, risk and threat assessments, security program audits, market entry/exit assistance, third party due diligence, financial instrument fraud prevention, and design of comprehensive electronic security systems. In addition, Ilya developed and taught a graduate-level course on security management at the City University of New York, John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

Prior to joining Kroll, Ilya worked as a senior security specialist for a Fortune 100 financial services company and as a threat assessment consultant for U.S. education facilities pursuing government counterterrorism grants.

Professional Experience

Operational Risk Assessment and Mitigation

Ilya has managed and executed hundreds of large-scale risk assessment assignments for clients in a variety of industries. Notably, Ilya assisted an international insurance company in assessing risks, threats, and vulnerabilities for its global operations. Based on this assessment, Ilya worked with the company’s senior management to help them establish a global security program and address such issues as workplace violence, incident response, employee training, and facility security standards.

Intellectual Property Protection

Ilya has worked on behalf of a large international manufacturing company which had concerns about potential losses of intellectual property as it was preparing to introduce its flagship product at a cost of over $200 million. Working closely with the client’s team, Ilya assessed current risks and controls, recommended process enhancements, and validated the implementation.

Security Strategy Development and Implementation

Working for one of the largest and most reputable medical centers in the United States, Ilya helped analyze the structure of the client’s security program and its management and compared the security organization with current industry trends; he ultimately presented recommended improvements to senior management.

Third Party Due Diligence

Ilya has helped establish a multidisciplinary team and performed over 100 complex due diligence assessments on third party service providers for a Fortune 100 financial firm. These assessments addressed information protection, hiring practices, operational security, and preparedness controls. His findings helped minimize financial, reputational, and operational risks.


Ilya has helped a Fortune 100 financial firm address direct terrorist threats through a complex of both proactive and reactive measures. Ilya has liaised with government agencies at various levels, collected and analyzed intelligence information, coordinated counter-surveillance operations, provided training to security personnel and employees at all levels, and designed physical security enhancements to protect personnel, facilities, and infrastructure from terrorist attacks.

Preparedness Program Development and Implementation

At the request of a large regional medical services company, Ilya performed a review of its crisis/emergency preparedness program. As a result, the client received recommendations for improvement of incident identification and notification controls, selection of crisis/ emergency management team members, liaison with local and federal authorities, and preparation of role assignment for each incident manager and responder.

Major Explosion Investigation Assistance

Retained by a government agency in South-East Asia, Ilya helped investigate a fatal explosion to determine the root cause and shortcomings in mitigation processes, compliance with national standards, and local responder capabilities. The results of this investigation have been widely publicized.

Market Exit Assistance

Ilya assessed operations of a large manufacturing facility to determine readiness levels for an upcoming market exit. Ilya advised the client on identification and protection of operations staff and other critical assets.

Litigation Support

Ilya supported an international company during a contentious partnership dispute by developing a set of operational, technical, and physical protection measures.  

Pre-acquisition Due Diligence Support

A large private equity firm sought Ilya’s expertise as part of their due diligence prior to acquiring a technical security system manufacturer in Asia.  Ilya worked with a team of market analysts and security solution engineers to assess the target company’s marketing, engineering, and product specification features to determine their future viability.

Education and Certification

  • Physical Security Professional (PSP), Board-Certified

Affiliations and Memberships

  • Overseas Security Advisory Council – United States Department of State


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